Help installing osCommerce please

  dalglish 11:46 14 Jan 2005


I have created a Mysql database but no tables as I am not sure how to do this. I find the oscomerce documemtation quite heavy going.
When I type, click here, the installer page opens
I select new install but

I get the following error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: osc_draw_checkbox_field() in /home/samc1489/public_html/catalog/install/templates/pages/install.php on line 24

Have I missed something out?

  Taran 13:42 14 Jan 2005

What did you use to decompress the Zip archive ?

This error is normally due to a missing file and/or directory.

click here for more details.

  dalglish 20:23 16 Jan 2005

Hi Taran
Thanks for this- not made any difference and am tearing my hair out.
My server host suggests a full re-install but all i get is an error saying not more than one script is permitted in the root directory.


  Taran 22:16 16 Jan 2005

I don't often do this, but there have been occasions in the past when I have helped directly with a web account.

To do so I need full username/password/FTP access and I more than understand that this information is not given out lightly.

If you get no further forward and would like me to look at it for you - just to run the osCommerce upload and installation - let me know.

Use the envelope icon next to my username to email me, I will reply and you may use the address in that reply to respond.

If you would prefer not to go down that road (I more than understand if that is the case) then you only really have three choices:

1. Find someone with osCommerce experience to sit with you and help you install and configure it

2. Ask your web host for actual assistance - note that larger hosts will normally refuse to assist with 3rd party programs or offer anything that could be construed as support (aka advice). Smaller, specialist hosts though, will often assist directly; the better hosts will even install it for you, but they are getting few and far between now.

3. Re-read the osCommerce documentation, remove all trace from your web server of the current osCommerce installation and and go through each step in minute detail again

I hate to say it but most installations, when they go wrong, come down to user error.

  PurplePenny 23:04 16 Jan 2005

If you go to the osCommerce forums (not the same as the osCDox forums) click here and do a search for osc_draw_checkbox_field you'll find that this is a hot topic .. and has been for nearly two years :-(

Most of the supplied answers don't seem to have been of any help to the posters but here is one that claims to have the answer: click here it is from 2003 so it is probably not the same version of osC but maybe the answer is still the valid.

Word of warning: my link and Taran's are to two different forums. If you post to the forum that I've linked to *don't* mention the other one (osCDox) because they don't like it and tell you so in a rather unfriendly manner (as I found out the hard way!).

  PurplePenny 23:09 16 Jan 2005

Blimey - MrT's answer wasn't there when I started to type! I got distracted in mid answer - that will teach me to always do a refresh before posting if I've been a long while typing the answer!

  dalglish 11:05 17 Jan 2005

Hopefully sorted.

There was ambiguity in Fantastico in that it said root directory would be cerated and to leave blank but I filled this field in and hey presto! Loaded up oscommerce.
Thanks to both of you

PSwill take up your offer Taran if needed

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