Help Installing Netgear DG834G v3 with AOL

  Mucky.Fingers 22:10 20 Apr 2007

Hello, I hope somebody here is able to shed some kind of light onto this problem (AOL tech support have no idea!)

I've recently recieved my new wireless router modem from AOL (Netgear DG834G v3) but I am having a problem installing it.

I have connected the modem exactly how the installation disc instructs to the very finest of details a number of times but keep getting the same problem:

ERROR: The Connection could not be established with the remote host
The router has not been detected. Check your cables are connected

I am using a USB to Ethernet adopter as I don't have a Ethernet port on my computer. I'm running AOL 9.0 on Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

I hope somebody can help. Thank you kindly

  irishrapter 23:36 20 Apr 2007

Go to Start / Run and type "cmd"
Your should get a command prompt window.

Type "ipconfig /all" in this window and copy and paste the results.

  dave16v1 11:22 22 Apr 2007

i have had the same prob, i am using a wireless laptop and when installing says basiclly the same, are u installing aol 9.0 vista ready, anyway i found that no matter what you do it wont recognise.,goto start on your pc, then connect to, your networks should come up, check you have your wireless turned on your laptop most are switched on by pressing the fn key with either f1, f2, etc, ok now remove your network, reinstall again with aol cd, it will still say the same, then replug in your yellow cable, goto click here your rooter page, sign in admin,password, click on wireles, then check you are on wep security not the best but hey, copy the wep key, log out, go back to your connections on your pc click your named network (right click it ) you will see properties click on that now you will see security click it goto the wep key or as vista calls it network security key paste in the one you copied from rooter page, then ok now try if the same happens try pasting again, i had serious probs with this and aol were useless as were my laptop maker . i know there is a lot to do but it will work

  six-h 17:38 22 Apr 2007

Have you tried here click here

  DazzaMac 11:23 18 Jun 2007

I am trying to install my Netgear DG834Gv3 wireless router onto my new Vista Laptop. When using the AOL Broadband setup CD it goes through all the stages right up to the final one. I have it connected via the yellow ethernet cable to my server and all of that works fine. Its only at the very final stage where the router tries to access the internet when i get a router connection failed error. It tells me to check my ethernet cable connection and ADSL filters on my phone sockets but I know none of this is the issue. All the green lights are lit on the fron of the router, wireless, port 1 (my laptop) and the internet activity light is lit solid. If i connect a USB ADSL router (BT Voyager) to the same telephone socket using my XP computer it connects to the internet straight away. I have since tried running the router install on my XP machine to see if it was a Vista issue but the install fails at the last stage too. I have put all my login info into the router control panel and used the setup wizard but it keeps telling me it cannot fin an IP address for the DNS server even though I have set it to obtain one automatically from ISP. Its driving me nuts? Can anyone help?

  ask4help 22:06 20 Jun 2007

Well its very simple if u follow the following steps to configure a router with any Broadband provider....

-A computer which has an Ethernet adapter(RJ45 connector)
-Computer can have have any Operating Sys.
-But make sure the Setup CD which u hv got with ur router is not compatible to Run on VIsta, MacOS & Unix/Linux
-U can either run Disk to setup ur router on WinXP computer
-Else follow these instructions

Steps to configure router manually

Physical connectivity
-Connect Ur computer to the router with an ethernet cable
-Connected ADSL line to the router
-Power on router & note the lights
-Light should be Green in color

Verify connection on the computer
-Go to RUN-Cmd-Ok to open Command Promp
-check Ip address (it should be 192.168.0.X) - X can be 1-255
-Check Default Gateway - must be this for Netgear's)
-Now chk whether router & computer r communicating
-So in the connand prompt type Ping and u 'll get 4 replies
-If yes then u r ready to go now

Configure router
-Got to Start-Run-click here Or u can type this address in the internet explorer
-Logon to the router with login & pwd
-( Login name : admin , Pwd : password)
-U will in a router Wizard
-Click on Setup Wizard to automaicatically detect connection & click next
-It would detect PPPoA connection & would aks for login & pwd
-Pls make sure these login details are your broadband login details
-AOL users its ur [email protected] with 6-8 alpha numeric long pwd only else its invalid
-else contact ur Broadband provider for pppOa login & pwd.
-Make sure the login ane would be in the form of e-mail address ([email protected])
-Finally click appy button if ur sure abt ur login details
-U'll be is router status, check Ip add in Adsl port.
If have an Ip add there u r ready to go then....
Else click on Connection Status & chk status

In next section we'll learn how to configure w/less.

I hope this wud really help u to configure ur router


  pipedream 22:54 20 Jun 2007

If your PC has a spare PCI slot I'd recommend installing a network card, usually only £10 or less e.g. click here

  setecio 11:18 21 Jun 2007

The latest firmware for the DG834G v3 has this fix :

Fixed AOL Setup CD compatiblity issues.

So upgrade the firmware to 4.01.28

  Coinach 08:22 22 Jun 2007

I had the same problem.Bought and installed a new Network card from PC World,card cost about seven pounds.Every thing worked OK at first attempt after installing card.

  sammik 17:05 16 Dec 2007

i have followe the steps above and can now use my netgear router to connect to the internet using the ethernet cable put how do i set it up so that i can connect wirelessly?

My isp is orange.

If anybody could give me a smiple step by step guide that would be great.


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