Help with installing Firewire card

  stu1901 19:55 02 Jul 2003

Hi i have just purchased a firewire card.

It tells me to insert the card into a spare slot at the back of the computer.

I do this and then turn the computer.

A message which says 'updating hardware devices' or something like that comes up.

I leave it for a few minutes and it is still on 0%.

I restart the computer, and the same thing happens. I then take the card out and turn the computer on and it is fine.

I am using ME.

can anyone tell me how o ocver come this problem?


try installing the software first

  spikeychris 20:13 02 Jul 2003

Did it come with a driver?

  stu1901 20:14 02 Jul 2003

it didn't come with any software to install it, except for MGI video wave. I installed that earlier.

  BillEmm 20:31 02 Jul 2003

You don't mention any details about the card, your PC or your PC configuration.

You should not need a driver for WinME but it may be that the ME generic driver has gone walkabout!

The card may be defective or the installation of the card has overloaded your PC - or it may not have been installed correctly.

Try another slot - if you have one spare.

With more details maybe we can be more constructive.


  stu1901 20:35 02 Jul 2003

its a PC Line firewire card.

my computer is 1400 MHz, 40 gb hard drive, 256 MB hard drive.


  stu1901 13:08 03 Jul 2003

Hi, i have tried all the avaliable slots and it still doesn't work. i have tried to search for the drivers on the internet but can not find anything. I can't even find anything about the company , PC Line.

This is the message that keeps coming up:

Updating Hardware Information Database
Please wait while windows updates the hardware unformation database.

After a few minutes a i press Ctrl, alt & Del, and it always says that it is not responding.

any ideas as to what is wrong?


  -pops- 14:04 03 Jul 2003

PC Line is a working name of our "friends" DSG (Dixon's, Curry's, PC World, The Link and others).

Depending on your operating system, Windows should identify the card and install the drivers for it or prompt you to install the drivers from a disk. As it isn't doing this, I suggest that you ask the supplier for help (don't hold your hopes too high), possibly a replacement card would be in order.


  stu1901 14:12 03 Jul 2003

are PC Line not very good then? all the other ones were really expensive.

  BillEmm 14:15 03 Jul 2003

Where did you buy the card? PCWorld? I think 'PC Line' is one of their brands.

There are several things that can be wrong: WinME, the card or your PC. Sorry, I'm stating the obvious again but what I'm trying to get at is the nead for a process of elimination.

Can you try the card in a friends PC?
Would re-installing ME be possible without too much hastle?
Can you remove some other devices from your PC and then try and install again? It may be that there is a power issue.

You won't find drivers on the web - they are included in WinME - which raises a thought. Put your WinME CD in the drive and then try and install again. A long shot but worth a go.


  stu1901 14:18 03 Jul 2003

i am thinking of up grading to XP... do you think it might work then?

I did not get a Win ME disk with my computer. i now know i should have done, but i didn't.

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