Help: installing drive; do I partition FAT & NTFS?

  wildhouse 16:17 20 Jun 2009

My current drive status is not as healthy as it should be so I am installing another drive, initially as the second drive, so that I can clone my original hard drive onto the new one. I have managed to install the new drive, but it does not show in My Computer. So I am following the steps and have initialised the drive, and am now faced with partitioning the drive. My current drive says 39 MB FAT and 74.49 GB NTFS; my new drive currently shows 149.05 GB. I need advice on what to do now as once I have cloned my old drive, I want it to become the secondary drive and the new one my main drive (I may even decide just to have the one new drive as my old one is prone to overheating which is why I want to change it). Thanks for any help.

  T I M B O 16:18 20 Jun 2009


  Quiller. 16:20 20 Jun 2009


  wildhouse 16:28 20 Jun 2009

Thanks - should I make the whole drive NTFS or some of it FAT? (I don't know why the current one has the small amount of FAT so don't know how important it is)

  wildhouse 16:37 20 Jun 2009

Also, when I have finished cloning, despite the terrifying looking instructions I downloaded, do I basically just remove the old drive, plug it's leads/cable into my new drive, and move the diddly jumpers from position 2 to position 1 on the new drive or is it really as complicated as the instructions make it seem (you can tell from this I am just an average computer user - willing to give it a go myself (am proud to have added the new drive and have in the past added some extra RAM!).

  BT 16:38 20 Jun 2009

Is the small FAT partition the recovery partition. If so its like mine and FAT formatted, with the rest of the disc NTFS, so I would do it exactly the same as your old drive or it may not work.

  wildhouse 16:43 20 Jun 2009

To be honest I have no idea if it is the recovery partition. I I FAT format my new one, should I just double the FAT amount to 72MB as my new drive is twice the size of my old one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 20 Jun 2009

format NTFS then clone your old drive,your cloning software will sort out everthing else.

  Quiet Life 17:16 20 Jun 2009

No 39gb will be fine for the Fst partition which will be a recovery partition which must be kept in Fat- probably Fat32

  wildhouse 17:16 20 Jun 2009

I am using xxclone - I have already cloned my current drive to an external drive with this, just in case! Have taken your advice before, so will now proceed to format/partition to NTFS. Thanks.

  wildhouse 16:01 21 Jun 2009

Right - I now have my new hard drive installed as the secondary drive, it is partitioned and ready to go. So I attempted to clone my primary drive but in less than 2 hours my old drive has heated up to 46° with a warning that the drive is overheating. According to the cloning program it could take up to 12 hours. So now I don't know how I can clone my old drive to the new one which I intend to replace it with (I was able to clone it last week in 9 hours to an external drive, but presumably cannot clone this to the new drive unless I install Windows XP onto it first?)

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