Help Installing CPU

  wobblymike 07:34 03 Jan 2006

I have just purchased the following CPU

AMD Mobile Duron 950 MHz CPU - 200 MHz FSB - Socket A (462)

Whwn setting the BIOS I am unsure how to set the Frequency and multiplier settings. As I understand it this Chip operates at 200 MHz FSB because it uses DDR thereby multiplying its FSB of 100 by 2. So do I set the Cpu External Frequency to 100 MHZ and the Multiplier to 9.5 or 200 MHz and 4.5? Also, in my BIOS the External frequency selections are 100/33, 101/34, 102/35 etc. What does the /33 etc mean. Thanks

  DieSse 11:29 03 Jan 2006

The /33 etc is the PCI bus speed if you choose to up the external clock above the notional speed (overclocking). Most cards these days can tolerate small uplifts in PCI speed - but some can be very picky - so I suggest you simply stick to the nominal speed.

Can't answer you other questions - are you sure a MOBILE Duron can be used where you are putting it?

  old_git 13:39 03 Jan 2006

9.5 X 100Fsb for that one. It will only run as a Duron M if the motherboard supports mobile chips. If it does not it will run full belt.

What mobo?

As DieSse for the PCI bus speed. Keep it at 33Mhz for smooth running.

  wobblymike 14:41 03 Jan 2006

Guys Thanks
The mobo is A7V-600X I have installed the chip as you suggest old_git and it seems to work fine. Does this mean that if I got a e.g. 1300Mhz 266FSB chip that I would install it at
133/33 with a multiplier of 9.5?

  old_git 16:48 03 Jan 2006

I think the 1300 ran at a multliplier of 10.0. That would give the chip a clock speed of 1330Mhz.

But yes the principal is the same, 133/33 for a 266fsb chip.

  wobblymike 18:26 03 Jan 2006

thanks very much

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