help installing 2nd SATA drive

  underworldmagic 18:30 19 Nov 2004


i need some help installing my second SATA hard drive.

im using a P4C800 e-dlx mobo,
first hard drive Raptor SATA 74GB - installed and running
just got new hard drive Western Digital SATA 250GB.

i have plugged in the new 250GB hard drive and device manager has got it listed. when i go to disc management (right click my comp, manage) there is a window which comes up "Welcome to the Instalize and Conver Disk Wizard" i dont know what to do. its saying something about a dynamic disk?

disc management states the 2nd hard drive "unknown" not instalized its listed it as Disk 1 and the first hard drive as Disk 0

all i want is to use the second hard drive as i would normally, i dont want no raid thing. just a simple hard drive made into partitions.

how would i achieve this?

please help


  andrew-196854 19:38 19 Nov 2004

i think you need to format it first or did you ???

  underworldmagic 13:20 20 Nov 2004

what i did was

= put the drive into the computer,
= booted up,
= went to disk management, and a Welcome to the Instalize and Conver Disk Wizard popped up,
= it installed the drive, then asked me id i would like to create partitions
= created 4 partitions, assigned letters to the drives, then quick formatted them

thats it now the partitions are in my computer. i was abit scared at first when i saw the Wizard when it stated something about dynamic drives.


if i decided to format my C partition (on the Raptor), will the information still be accessable on the other hard drive (250GB WD) after fresh windows reinstall?

because to get this 250 gb drive working i had to go through that wizard in disk management.

would i have to do that again? would my data be safe?

  alnwrd 19:13 20 Nov 2004

If you format your c drive it will not affect data on any other drives.

  underworldmagic 21:13 20 Nov 2004

thanks, i was just worried because i had to setup the new hard drive via disk management, i guess that was because the drive was brand new, and there was no data on there

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