Help inkjet wont print due to dried nozzle????

  tinny76 13:41 29 Jan 2003

Any thihng i can do? havent used the printer in a while and put in new ink cartridge. It wont print, tried putting a wet piece of gauze in between nozzle and cartridge over night, (put cartridge back in)it worked for half a page and then ceased. anything else i can do.

  MalcSP 13:54 29 Jan 2003

HP printers have the heads on each cartridge, thus is they cannot be freed by solvents, you need to replace the cartridge. Epson printers have the heads in the printer, therefore if you cannot free them by solvents, the heads need to be replaced. At £45 each for the head alone this is usually not economically viable. (last time I checked). The solvent, I was told, can be nail polish remover. But, get this checked first, I haven't tried it.

  recap 13:57 29 Jan 2003

tinny76 you say "it worked for half a page and then ceased" do you mean the printer itself or the cartridge?

If it's the cartridge try releasing it under a boiling kettle. If you do it this way please take care not to scold yourself.

If it's the printer that ceased to work please post back more details.

  tinny76 14:01 29 Jan 2003

cheers for advice its an epson c40. Not quite sure where heads are, are they on under side of cartridge holder thingy, how would i try to free them and what is your advice, to dab some nail varnish remover on the top side nozzle.
dont worry i am responsible for my own actions

  Old PC man 14:06 29 Jan 2003

What is your printer? Some printers have the nozzle incorporated into the cartrige (Lexmark etc) whilst others have the nozzle in the printer head (some Epsons).

If its the former then a new cartridge will solve your problem, if its the latter then it's a much more invloved process and probably best left to an expert.

  tinny76 14:10 29 Jan 2003

the printer printed ink for half a page and then just went through the motions, but page was blank. does kettle work here? whatt would i be trying to do with kettle - get heat to rela#ease ink? its a new cartridge so does kettle still apply?

  tinny76 14:14 29 Jan 2003

old pc man
its an epson c40
sorry not down with terminology, do you mean new ink cartridge (this is a new one), or do you mean the actual thingmy that the ink cartridge sits in and moves from side to side. If it is the latter is there some trick to taking it out i was trying to for ages yesterday.

  MalcSP 14:16 29 Jan 2003

I'm in agreement with Old PC man. It is best left to the experts. But, given that cost and the cost of a replacement of your printer, the nail polish remover needs to be eye dropped onto the write heads. Test it on the plastic first. It is not my idea and I have never tried it.

  TECHNODIMWIT 14:32 29 Jan 2003

cant remember where, pos pcworld or maplins.

JR ink the people who make diy refill kits also supply a flushing agent.


  €dstow 14:41 29 Jan 2003

Before you go drastic with nail varnish remover and dissolve your printer, try using vodka or other "clean" spirit (ie effectively just alcohol).

If you have a good pharmacy near you, you may be able to get isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) which you can mix 50/50 with clean water and try that.


  tinny76 14:50 29 Jan 2003

thanks for all the input chaps but i am still not sure where i am trying to apply the nailvarnish vodka etc. as i dont know what the right heads are. are these the wee stalactimites that insert into the ink cartridge itself or am i way off the mark here.
cheers again.

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