Help, Infected pc?

  puma377 19:10 06 Jan 2014

I've been having trouble with a slow running pc, then it went completely dead. Its still under warranty (which ends next month) so I returned it and the manufacturer replaced the bios(?). Since then its still slow. 2 days ago my AV Norton, stopped working so I downloaded the latest version which crashed the pc. I managed to remove that, but norton hasnt worked since. I then downloaded malware scanners to see if I had somehow picked up a virus. after running scans by spybot (5 infections), Malwarebytes (trojan), superantispyware (2 trojans), I'm still having trouble. Internet explorer has disappeared, Im not sure when as I dont use it but its not on desktop, start menu or when i do a search, and wont reinstall. My printer no longer responds to the pc. Steam has a bootstrap error and hasnt loaded a couple of times, windows explorer wont work. I've tried malwarrebytes, which finds and "removes" the trojan, but scan again and its still there, and stopped responding a couple of times. Emisoft malware remover, clean on last scan, adware cleaner, superantispyware free, comodo cleaner, Norton power eraser "nothing found", spybot, registry changes. overkill perhaps but I dont have these all installed at once its just that Im throwing everything at it to solve the problem. Any help would be appreciated. I dont know that much about pcs so any help for a near novice would be greatly appreciated.

  puma377 19:23 06 Jan 2014

Extra info: Im running windows home premium 7, SP1, HP p6 2028 uk, AMD A8 3800 processor, 1 TB free space, 549 usable ram.

I have uninstalled iobit advanced windows care, and will probably uninstall wildtangent as a couple of the games have shown up in scans.

  Ian in Northampton 21:08 06 Jan 2014

I think I'd recommend a fresh install - either restore factory settings (if your PC has that option) or reinstall Windows.

  hiwatt 21:12 06 Jan 2014

Couple of options!Do you have an option to back up any important data and then just do a factory reset?This would probably be your best option! Do you have a restore point to before the problems started you could restore to?Go to start and type msconfig.Under start up untick everything except your antivirus. I would uninstall Norton completely using the norton removal tool and then install avast(Free edition)click here Also run malwarebytes again in safemode(By tapping f8 at boot up)

  hiwatt 21:13 06 Jan 2014

Ian bet me to it while I was typing out my reply :) I would agree with that!

  wee eddie 21:52 06 Jan 2014

As a matter of interest, do you, by any chance, have two Anti Virus Programs loaded onto the PC?

  civicr 22:32 06 Jan 2014

Did you do the malware check/clean in safe mode as this will kill anything thats running. You need to press f8 on start up and select safe mode with networking , then open malware bytes and update first , then run the scanner and if it finds anything , make sure you tick them (right click the boxes and select all ) and clean . Restart in safe mode , restart in normal mode and see if pc runs any quicker. If not reinstall windows. Hope that helped

  puma377 14:03 07 Jan 2014

Thanks guys,

civicr, yes, one of the initial scans was done in safe mode as it refused to shut down normally, but the malware kept showing up in later scans not done in safe mode. I did a system restore but only went back about a week, the only option available. To be honest I'm wondering if the problems i'm having was the cause of the motherboard/bios being replaced, sorry not sure which, I had to ask what had been done and was told it was the motherboard/bios that was repaired back in november.

hiwatt, I did a backup onto an external drive about a month ago, so I could use that. I have a recovery drive(?), d, do I use that, and how?

wee eddie, no I only had norton, which is annoying because i pay for it, tho the subscription ends soon. as norton still isnt working i'm using mse, but may be able to use sophos through uni, is it any good? i usually only use spybot or malwarebytes and iobit asc , the other scanners were sheer desperation!

Thanks again for your help

  hiwatt 19:33 07 Jan 2014

If you have your data(Photo's music etc)backed up to an external drive you would be better off restoring to factory settings. Which OS is it you are running?

  puma377 21:51 07 Jan 2014

Im running windows 7

  puma377 22:11 07 Jan 2014

Sorry windows 7 home premium. As I recall i backed up everything on my c drive. My concern here is that if it was a infection would that also be in the files i backed up?

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