Help with infected laptop please

  Never again 07:32 19 May 2009

My friend has brought his infected Acer Aspire 5630 into work because its "acting strange".

Its running Windows Vista with SP1 with 1Gb ram

He was running AVG 8.0 antivirus free, but examination of his programs and considering the whole family use the PC it contained limewire, myspace IM, etc...

I have tried to reinstall a newer version of AVG but all installations have failed. I tried running trendmicro house call but the internet explorer pages would not load, and I got an error all the time saying IE stopped responding or was directed to a completely different page.

I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox but this has not affected the way the pc accessses web pages, which all end up on shopping pages, and advertising sites.

There are some very dubous listing in startup, including some oriental language stuff and the pc is very very slow.

The dial up connection keeps popping up even though I have connceted wirelessly with my own home sky network or my mobile internet dongle if I am at work.

In all, its a bit of a mess and I'm looking for a bit of guidance please.


  birdface 08:21 19 May 2009

You want the free version of here update it and then run it.1 mb ram will not be enough for all of those users.Looks like you are in a no win situation whatever you remove someone is not going to be happy.Best bet is just to run malwarebytes and see what it finds.

  birdface 08:22 19 May 2009

I like your username.It could be true by the time you clear this one of luck.

  ^wave^ 08:25 19 May 2009

try down loading the stinger to a memory stick and running that first

  birdface 08:58 19 May 2009

Malwarebytes should clear it up if not try this one. click here it is a pay for program but you get a 30 day trial and it will remove anything that it finds not like others that want paid first.
Remember to clear out all of the junk with C Cleaner I would use that after running m/bytes.

  skidzy 09:09 19 May 2009

Some tools here click here

Take note on two in particular;

AVP from Kaspersky and Dr Web Cureit

I suggest you visit the relevant website for in depth instructions.

All anti's need to run in safemode or you will have them reinstalling upon reboot due to the reproductive registry entries.

There many things we can do to clean this machine,just one step at a time.

Further advice if needed;click here

  Never again 10:23 19 May 2009

i have started at buteman's suggestion and downloaded malware bytes, but this will not install on his laptop.

The message I have is "malwarebytes anti-malware program has stopped working. a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the problem and notify you if a solution is available (close Program).

This is followed by a continual loop of the above - even when run as asministrator as there is an icon on the desktop.

This is the same message I got with internet explorer last night!

I'm not sure what the stinger is in waves sugestion?

I've already instaled ccleaner and run it, thats how I disabled some of the start up programs - it seems easier than msconfig.

I'll start on skidzy's list now.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again

  birdface 10:52 19 May 2009

This is worth a little read.

click here

The second click here I sent for Trojan remover worked fine on my grand daughters computer and she had the same sort of problems could not update her security programs.So maybe worth a try if everything else fails.

  Never again 11:53 19 May 2009

I am currently running the kaspersky virus removal tool in safe mode which is 12% done and due to finish in about 4 hours!!

It has already found a trojan downloader program trojan downloader.win32.injecter.cgv in a program file called circle development?

Is it best to run some of these antivirus/ malware programs at the same time or individually and should they all be run in safe mode?


  Never again 12:07 19 May 2009

Its just found trojan program - Trojan-spy.win32.Agent.aojb in file;C:\recycler\

  birdface 13:53 19 May 2009

Section 9 gives the same sort of problem.
click here
Worth a read as maybe your next step would be to go to the Malware Removal Forum sign in and follow directions given.
It may take a few days for them to get back to you as they are kept busy.But they will help you to clean out your computer successfully.

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