Help, I'm infected

  dangerusone 08:54 23 Feb 2007

I seem to be infected with "Tracking Cookies"
Ewido finds 4
Adaware finds 8 and Spybot usually finds a couple.
Names are
these are the ones from Ewido,I have tried scanning with System Restore turned off with no luck. Also when I open my Homepage (BBC News) An advert can open up,Dating site,Tescos or gambling site. None of these sites have been visited intentionally.
Hope someone can help me.Bri

  crosstrainer 08:59 23 Feb 2007

Both Ewido, and adaware should be able to remove these for you... when you complete the scans you need to place a tick in the box (adaware) where the infections are listed... then click remove. Just scanning for items will not remove them unless you tell the software to perform the action.

  Hawy 09:06 23 Feb 2007

or try CCleaner from click here

  Totally-braindead 09:07 23 Feb 2007

There is no way you surf the web without getting some sort of tracking cookies on your PC. Its normal to find them, do not worry about them just when you run a scan delete them.
You're not really infected in that they will not harm your computer.

  birdface 09:39 23 Feb 2007

If you want to block them,Tools,Internet Options,Privacy,Sites,Add them to the sites already blocked,

  birdface 09:44 23 Feb 2007

I would try an other Spyware program,A Squared.or something like that,I am sure someone might come up with a better one,

  gudgulf 09:55 23 Feb 2007

click here will tell you all you need to know about cookies.

I have my web browser (Firefox) set to automatically delete all the browser cache and cookies that I haven't protected (like the PC Advisor website log in cookie).

Other than that Ccleaner or Adaware will remove them for you.Nearly all cookies are harmless or very low risk and all websites,including this one,will set them every time you visit.

When you say Ewido I asume you mean the updated AVG 7.5 Antispyware program (formerly Ewido,now owned by AVG).If not you might think about updating click here

It's also very good at clearing the undesirable tracking cookies.

  dangerusone 10:53 23 Feb 2007

I delete them every time I scan but they always seem to come back (usually the same ones) which makes me think there is something embedded which I am missing. Thanks for all the replies, I'll keep plugging away and lt you know the results.
I hace CCleaner and use it every day. Bri

  wee eddie 11:35 23 Feb 2007

They come from the sites you visit and most of them are harmless.

I get them from here, the DTI,HM Customs & Excise and almost all commercial sites. If they are all you normally visit, then a weekly clear-out will be sufficient or even excessive.

  dangerusone 12:15 23 Feb 2007

When a site, ie Tesco appears can I copy the address from the top toolbar and paste it into Privacy/Sites and click on block

  birdface 14:47 23 Feb 2007

That should work,You either block them or allow them.

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