Help!! Im Desperate its important

  wams 22:16 24 Oct 2006

Hi All, this is the first time ive went for online help, I bought a Packard Bell ixtreme, 9100i back in 1999 with windows ME installed used it a lot for 2 years and upgraded to XP PRO it crashed a few times within that period obviously not knowing what i was doing, for the remaining years i rarely used it, till recently i bought a laptop for work, now im more keen than ever to get my computer upgraded with all new components, i cant afford to buy a new one even though today PC's come at a good price. With your expertise i want to upgrade my motherboard, processor, cpu, graphics card/s hard drives and memory. can anyone HELP!!

  VoG II 22:19 24 Oct 2006

Your poor planning is no reason why I should be desperate to help. Your title does not conform to the forum rules.

  Technotiger 22:22 24 Oct 2006

Hi, upgrading as much as you detailed is going to cost you just as much as getting a new pc!


  sean-278262 22:23 24 Oct 2006

"With your expertise i want to upgrade my motherboard, processor, cpu, graphics card/s hard drives and memory. can anyone HELP!!"

Buy a new PC. To revive this one it will cost just as much as a new one and a new system will cost about £189 with 12months warranty less a monitor keyboard and what not. You can probably salvage the hard drive on the old one and ebay the rest.

I am with VOG. Your thread made me expect something urgent. This can sit here for 10days before anything is said and it wont make a jot of a difference.

  mammak 22:30 24 Oct 2006

I could comment but on this occasion I wont.

  Koochy 22:39 24 Oct 2006

click here
Try here as if you are short of cash the best option is buying a new pc.
Or you could try closing this thread out and starting a new one with an appropriate title as the one you have chosen is a little misleading.


  Forum Editor 22:47 24 Oct 2006

"this is the first time ive went for online help" should surely get the message across that this is someone who might not be too familiar with our rules and regulations, so let's try to help, rather than frighten people off by acting as if this is some kind of private club.

As for your question, wams, the advice given by some of the others is good - you'll almost certainly be able to buy a new PC for about the same as the cost of upgrading a five-year-old machine.

  Koochy 22:55 24 Oct 2006

Apologies to wams for jumping in too quick


  VoG II 22:56 24 Oct 2006

So we have a set of rules that we choose to ignore at our discretion? Is that correct?

If Important or Urgent appears in a post should we all scramble?

I think that the answer to both questions is no but if not then the rules need updating.

  mammak 23:01 24 Oct 2006

had a bad day? I thought your first post was a bit harsh and you are not a member of the club and all that who is? most not eh!

  VoG II 23:06 24 Oct 2006

Yes I have have had a bad day, yes I was a bit harsh for which I apologise but I think there is a rule or rules.

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