Help i'm confused

  Redlegends 22:57 11 Aug 2003

I got a blue screen with the following message if someone could decipher this and let me know what to do i would be eternally grateful.

terminating thread due to a stack overflow problem AVXD, possibly recently installed has consumed to much stack space.

increase the setting of the MINSP's in system INI or remove recently installed VXD's
there are currently 5 SP's allocated,

There you go a bit of gobbledygook. 23:01 11 Aug 2003

stacked pages. You can increase the number by Start/Run, type msconfig and find the relevent tab.

You could cause more harm than good by messing with them. So tread carefully, or wait till someone with a bit more savvy than me replies to your thread.
Cheers, Whiz...

  powerless 23:50 11 Aug 2003

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