Help identifying compatible So Dimm's

  six-h 15:23 11 Apr 2009

I'm considering bidding for this memory on e-bay:-
click here
My manual says : -
>>• Two 200-pin DDR SODIMM sockets, supporting >>DDR SDRAM
>>SODIMM (2.5V) - DDR266 compliant
>>• Expandable memory up to 1GB (128/256/512MB >>SODIMM Modules)
>>• 64-bit data bus system memory

Can someone advise if this will work in my lappy?
I've seen some that use 1.5v and others that use2.5v but they both look the same!!
I did receive advice earlier in this thread : -
click here
But finances are tight and I'm hoping to get this for about half the cost!
Advice appreciated.

  six-h 20:21 11 Apr 2009

I've been in touch with the seller, and she advises that these were removed from her machine (working) The machine is an "ACI" she thinks it's an own brand of Dixons or Currys, and the model No is "C 150".
Hope this might shed some light and illicit some response

  six-h 22:57 11 Apr 2009

Do I need to change my deodorant, or am I really alone here tonight??

  Quiet Life 23:25 11 Apr 2009

DDR required 2.5 volts to operate. DDR2 requires only 1.8 volts and DDR3 only 1.5 volts.
It looks as if she is selling what you requre.

  six-h 23:37 11 Apr 2009

Thanks Quiet Life,
I'm gratefull for the explanation of the voltage requirements, I'll make a note of that for future (If I need it again!)
Meanwhile, I'll get ready to pounce then maybe my lappy will stop telling me it needs to increase the Page File every couple of hours!

  OTT_Buzzard 23:41 11 Apr 2009

but the sellers comments that if the notch is in the same place then it will work is wholley incorrect, click here

I can't find any specs for an ACI C150 laptop so can't say if it will work. Will carry on fishing around though :)

  six-h 00:26 12 Apr 2009

Thanks OTT_Buzzard, I've just had the screwdriver and magnifying glass out!
Mine has the notch 20 pins in from one edge, it is situated directly between the first and second chips.
Magnifying the e-bay page 600%, I can count 19 pins to the notch on hers, but the photo is a bit fuzzy so I recon it's probably 20 pins as well.
I have only found some Indian Co in Mumbai that trade under the name "ACI", but can't find a model C 150.
Since it is using PC2100, it's probably as old as mine, 6 years, so I'm not surprised it's not listed!
I'm beginning to realise that memory chips are a whole different can 'o worms!
Why does everything have to be so complicated lol

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