Help with IDE and SATA drive configuration please.

  Never again 20:03 22 Sep 2007

It's a bit of a long story, but here goes..

My friend is running windows xp on a Mesh desktop PC and has had problems with it not booting.

I determined that no primary drives were being detected in POST and therefore suspected a loose cable.

This was the case and windows then booted to the following error message

"windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt windows\system32\config\system You can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup cdrom. select r at the first screen to start repair".

All he gave me was the original mesh recovery cd which has a disclaimer on it not to use the cd without specific instruction to do so from the mesh technical support.

Unfortunately, my friend has about a thousand family photos he has not backed up to dvd, and I am afraid that they may be lost by use of the recovery cd.

I therefore decided to remove his hard drive and connect it to my desktop (also running windows xp) as a secondary slave drive and then write his photos to dvd on my pc before I attempted a repair on his pc.

My master drive is an IDE drive, whereas his is SATA, which according to the Maxtor website manages its own jumper settings.

I have enabled SATA on my motherboard, but my desktop will not boot with his SATA drive connected. It keeps running scandisk and then freezes. When I remove the SATA drive it boots ok.

How do I get my motherboard to ignore his SATA drive during bootup.

Your suggestions would be most welcome.


  cream. 20:14 22 Sep 2007

A SATA drive is hot swapable, just like a usb device.

If you connect the SATA cable to the motherboard but not into the drive and then conect the power into the SATA hard drive. You can then boot the machine without ht edata cable connected to the SATA drive. when you get to desktop you can then connect the drive.

but be warned. if the drive is damaged in any way you could damage your system. click here

the reason why they are hot swapable is that in a dedicated server, if one drive fails in a raid configuration. the drive can be taken out and swapped which gives no down time to the server.

  Never again 20:39 22 Sep 2007

That worked a treat, but my system stops responding when the drive is connected.

The drive shows up in an explorer window and is named RECOVERY (D:), but any attempt to explore it or any other drive leads to my system freezing.

Hang on, another drive (Local Disk G:) has just appeared but I have no response on this either. I get an error message G:\is not accessable - error performing inpage operation.

I've unplugged it a couple of times and still no response or chance to explore the SATA drive?

  Never again 21:11 22 Sep 2007

I can now explore my own hard drive (c) and the SATA drive is listed as 2 separate drives, recovery(D) and Local Disk (G).

I can explore (D) ok but not (G), and therefore I cant scan the drive for errors or retrieve any date from the drive.

The drive is highlighted but there is no response, only the inpage operation error message listed above, which I have to OK.

Am I running out of options?

  cream. 21:12 22 Sep 2007

It sounds as if the drive has major problems. try disconnecting your main drive and run the dos diskette of test disk on the SATA drive. click here

  cream. 21:15 22 Sep 2007

Cross posting, try test disk if you can.

" Am I running out of options? "

Unfortunately I think you may be. Let’s hope someone with knowledge of this type of fault pops in:))

  Never again 21:24 22 Sep 2007

Thanks for all the help so far but you have just started talking another language.

I've downloaded both the zip files for the dos version and the windows version onto my laptop (which I am on now).

Should I now unzip them to my flash drive?

What version should I use?

How do I use it?

why do I need to disconnect my C: drive?

I'm really sorry to be so dense, but it's been a very long day and my brain is mush at the best of times.

The missus is doing her pieces as there are now 3 pc's in the living room.

  cream. 21:34 22 Sep 2007

" why do I need to disconnect my C: drive? "

So when you run the program in dos you do not accidentley pick the wrong drive or partition to work on.

Now you can see the disk in windows, download the NT/XP/Vista zip file. Put it on the desktop and unzip. the run the exe and select the SATA drive and partitions to check.

  Never again 22:16 22 Sep 2007

Well I ran it but it did not highlight any errors.

The recovery partition was the bootable primary partition and the main G partition was the primary. Is that right?

I still can't explore it though - same error message as before.

Is it time to put the drive in the freezer and does that really's getting very late.

Thanks for your continued patience and support Percy.

  cream. 22:23 22 Sep 2007

Well the best I can come up with now is to download and run the manufacturers diagnostic software for the drive.

I am running out of ideas:-



  Never again 22:39 22 Sep 2007

I'm going to call it a day now and revisit tomorrow.

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