Help with ide channels and new hard drive

  Sturmey 16:27 23 Feb 2003


I have a 30GB ATA-66 hard drive, I have bought a new 120GB ATA-100.

Is it ok to mix ATA-66 and ATA-100 on the same IDE channel?

I have a DVD rom drive and a cd writer in my mobo manual it says it is not a good idea to fit CD rom drives and Hard drives on the same IDE channel.



  a_dani19 16:40 23 Feb 2003

stuff like this depends on type of motherboard

but two hard drives on one ide channel should be OK

One will be slow though

  Sturmey 16:49 23 Feb 2003

What about mixing ATA-100 and ATA-66 on the same channel.

  DieSse 16:51 23 Feb 2003

Thgere's no problem mixing different ATA speeds on the same channel - each will run at their respective rate.

Note that to get above ATA33 rates, you must have an 80-wire IDE cable.

  Sturmey 16:55 23 Feb 2003

cheers m8

  Djohn 16:56 23 Feb 2003

DieSse, popular question today! :o)

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