Help!! I think I have made a serious Boo Boo!

  DANZIG 09:33 19 May 2004

I need help.

A couple of days ago, I deleted a load of stuff on my PC that was, to my knowledge, un-needed.

However after having done this a few things have started to go very wrong.

Firstly - 'Search' won't work. If I try to do it I get a message on the screen saying 'A FILE THAT IS REQUIRED TO RUN SEARCH COMPANION CANNOT BE FOUND. YOU MAY NEED TO RUN SETUP'

Whats that all about? Whats 'Setup' and how do I run it?

Secondly, in the past when I saved pics from the internet the PC gave me a few options as to what style to save it in (.bmp, .jpg, .art .gif, etc etc). Now is only giving me two options (.art, .bmp). Consequently I can save pics from the 'net but I can't view them or tamper with them in the art package that I use. They won't even preview in the Windows viewer.

Whats happening and more importantly can I fix the problem?

Please help!!! 09:36 19 May 2004

What OP are you using? Can you do a system restore to a point prior to your clean-up?
If not can you restore files from bin or did you clear it out? (future tip- don't empty bin immediately after changes!)

  johnnyrocker 09:39 19 May 2004

if you are running xp/me you can either do a system restore to prior to fiddling;) or if you have the full xp disk insert it and run sfc /scannow and the files will be replaced if you have neither os sorry for wasting your time.


  DANZIG 09:40 19 May 2004

I'm using WinXP.

I've tried the system restore thing but it just says that there are no restore points. Probably due to something else stupid I did a while back as well.

The bin ( I assume you mean the 'Recycle bin' is empty.

  DANZIG 09:43 19 May 2004

Johnny Rocker.

The disk that I got with my PC (XP already installed) says 'Product Recovery CD - ROM.

Is that the one I need to use? 09:45 19 May 2004

Waht make computer is it?

  spanneress 09:47 19 May 2004

Try starting the PC from CD drive with XP disc in and instead of full ijstall select 'repair'.

Is it a bootable disc? If it is a kosha one it should be.

  DANZIG 09:54 19 May 2004

Debe - The PC is a Medion.

Spanneress - Whats a 'bootable' disc?

  DANZIG 09:56 19 May 2004

Spanneress - Also I can't see 'Repair' anywhere!

  spanneress 09:56 19 May 2004

A bootable disc is one which the PC can 'boot' up from, or start from. Turn your PC off putting the XP disc into the CD drive before doing so. Re-start the machine with disc in it, run through the steps as direc ted but when the set-up asks you whether you want to install XP or repair, select repair then follow the instructions.

Is it XP home or Pro?

  DANZIG 09:58 19 May 2004

I'll give that a shot then.

Its XP home by the way.

Be back in 5!

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