Help! I need a simple database!

  hawthorn59 21:17 12 Feb 2008


(Just in case any of you may remember me as the person who eventually purchased a laptop after lots of queries here re Vista, Pentium v Athlon, etc etc, well, it develpoed a slight problem so Ive returned it and am waiting for a new lot to come in. Meantime Im back to my old laptop with XP pro and no MS Works or Word!!)

I have Open Office, as you can see waiting for a new laptop which will probably have Works or something.I find it fine for word processing etc, I rarely use databases but tonight wanted to create a very basic one; just list of songs I'll be playing on piano in a restaurant Friday night. Just simple database, Song Title, Key, Tempo etc, and then be able to sort it etc as I used to in MS Works.

But I found it much too complicated in OpenOffice. It seems to be like Access, which I abandoned years ago! Its too advanced!

I just want, as you can see, a really simple database. is the one in Star Office any easier? I also need it to be imported into Works when I get it, if possible.

Any other solution?



  UncleP 22:14 12 Feb 2008

If it's just a sorting problem, can you not do that in your word processor? I use Lotus WordPro, and I'm sure that will sort on up to three columns with a fairly simple range of sorting criteria (it's meant for text applications, obviously).

  skidzy 22:19 12 Feb 2008

Maybe something in here for you click here Easy Office sounds promising.

  DieSse 00:56 13 Feb 2008

Do it in a spreadsheet - it's far far simpler for entering lists.

You can also sort them based on any column you wish.

  hawthorn59 03:57 13 Feb 2008

Thanks. I'll have a look at easyoffice. DieSse, I jusr thought of that before I read your answer, and yes, Open Office spreadsheet is much easier to create a simple database/list which is what I need!



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