help i need to know what memory to put in pc

  jane2003 17:16 17 Nov 2005

Hi can anyone help me ex partner as upgraded daughters pc but refused to put the memory as he says i have something of his, so consequently pc wont work. I want to go and get the memory myself and put it in but not sure which memory i need, the system as xp on

  rawprawn 17:24 17 Nov 2005

Without knowing what kind of PC it is it's difficult to say, but I would think you would be safe with 512MB. If you are going to a PC shop make a note of the make and version of your PC and ask the guy in the shop which he suggests. If your daughter is only using it for normal surfing 512MB should be fine or even 216MB will be OK depending on your financial position.

  jane2003 17:26 17 Nov 2005

thanks for reply im not sure what make, version pc is all i know is that he as put a new mother board in but dont know what....sorry for lack of info

  rawprawn 17:32 17 Nov 2005

Go for a 216MB and pop it in, I can't see any reason for it not to work if all that is missing is RAM.

  rawprawn 17:33 17 Nov 2005

Should have added, you can always add more RAM later if needed.

  jane2003 17:38 17 Nov 2005

does it need to be any particular sort of memory or are they all just standard.....thanks for your help

  Skills 17:40 17 Nov 2005

Do you know the make and model of the motherboard that he fitted? Did he leave any manuals or disks that came with the motherboard with you? If he did leave the manual have a look in there for supported RAM types and post whats it says.

I ask this because if we know the model of the motherboard we can find out what memory the motherboard supports and then point you in the right direction.

You can always look on the motherboard itself for a model number

  keewaa 17:41 17 Nov 2005

There are various types of memory. With a working PC it's easy as there are several internet sites than scan your system and tell you exactly, or cpuZ software also does it.

With a PC without any memory the only way is to find out what motherboard it is and model.... or take it to PC world and get them to do it.

  jane2003 17:41 17 Nov 2005

no didnt leave me with anything except a pc that dont work

  Skills 17:44 17 Nov 2005

Prehaps the easiest way for you would be to take the tower to a computer shop that does repairs and upgrades they will then be able to find out what memory the motherboard supports and fit it for you.

Or as I said if you could find out the motherboard model and make then we would be able to find out for you.

  jack 17:44 17 Nov 2005

Go to click here uk com.

This company suppliers memory for all sorts of devices they have a downloadable programs that scan the computer

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