Help I need to get my website back

  Bagsey 19:26 04 Dec 2003

A few years ago I built a web site for our Probus club and managed to keep it upto date until I had a computer crash and since then I have not been able to look after things as I should. Now due to a computer rebuild I have lost the original . Is there any way that I can recover my work from the web so that I can put in back into Front Page and get back to where it should be. If you can offer advice on this I would be happy as the club is losing out by my failure and I cant face the thought of a complete rebuild.
The web site is on click here
Thanks for any help.

  Falkyrn 19:35 04 Dec 2003

You can within your browser download the site for viewing offline although this tends to download only single pages

A much better way is from within frontpage ... select start new web

select import wizard

select import from www

enter full address

and follow the on screen instructions

  Taran 19:43 04 Dec 2003

All I get is an internal server error when I click your link.

Assuming your web is still actually out there on BT's servers, you can use certainly use the methods outlined by Falkyrn above to import directly into FrontPage.

If you click here and then follow the links to Publishing your homepage, then Uploading your home page, there are full instructions on how to access your web root folder using FTP.



  anchor 19:52 04 Dec 2003

Taran: I get the page and the links OK, so it is still on the BT server.

  Taran 19:58 04 Dec 2003

Yes, I get the site OK now.

Spiders in the web perhaps ?


  Bagsey 20:34 04 Dec 2003

I have made a start as per Falkyrn advice and have got some files down onto my computer. This is going to be a quite long exercise as I am amazed at the amount of things that I have forgotten. I am clearly going to have to start relearning Front Page again as the whole thing is going to need a lot of work to get back to where I was, as there appears to be many changes to the pages that will need work to correct. Any other short cuts welcome but thanks to all for the pointers so far.

  PurplePenny 22:13 04 Dec 2003

No suggestions - just good luck with the rebuild. At least now you know that you won't have to start again from scratch.

"the club is losing out by my failure" - I'm sure that the club are just very grateful to you for having created the site for them in the first place. You haven't failed them at all and I doubt that they feel that you have.


  Taran 23:15 04 Dec 2003

If you have trouble getting the site imported post again to that effect.

There are quicker and easier ways but they involve usernames and passwords which is not a topic for public view.

I've done this for a couple of forum members over the past couple of months when they were having trouble accessing some or all of their website.

To echo Penny above, good luck with it.



  Bagsey 08:03 05 Dec 2003

Thnks for your advice and direction. I have made a start and will certainly come back and let you know how I get on. It is amazing just how soon I have forgotten what I took as almost second nature last year. My wife would say that anno domini was creeping up. But I blame trying to get her laptop networked with mine. Thats my story anyway. Once again Thanks.

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