HELP!!!!!! I cant stop adverts!!!!!!

  bin-go 00:10 18 Sep 2007

Hi, I hope i can get some help as i am now very frustrated.
A while ago, i signed up with to host my own forum. A little while after i noticed that when i was browsing the net..and in some cases not! windows were appearing advertising ""...and ""...also others for i-pods.etc. i had zonealarm at the time and decided to purchase mcafee security suite to scan for malware etc..and for the extra protection on-line.
mcafee found nothing, so i also installed spybot search and destroy....which also found nothing. in a last ditch attempt i also installed ad--aware 2007 which said it found 8 probs so i quarentined them.It's still happening, i notice that these sights are affiliated with who i contacted but other than advising spybot they dont want to know!!!....Has anyone else had a similar problem?.....PLEASE HELP!!!!...Many thanks guys.
I use Firefox by the way :O)

  Devil Fish 00:15 18 Sep 2007

what sort of adds ie7 and firefox both have pop up blockers

alternativly if you feel it is a hijack or malware problem try hijack this click here

their is a forum to post your results on and get some help i cant remember the url of the top of my head but im sure some one will be able to post it

  bin-go 00:39 18 Sep 2007

Thx Devil fish i have activated pop up blockers on both firefox and internet exp..i have maximum security set on mcafee and i have added the sites to the block list in internet exp options..but nothing works...
these adds open in an entirely new window?...some advising that they are installing software to check for malware etc which i stop at once!..
i will try hijack this and see if that works,..
thx for the advice :O)

  Devil Fish 00:44 18 Sep 2007

go for it leave the thread open for the day shift in the meantime i will se if i can find that url

do not remove anything from the hijack this results unless you know what you are doing it is for power users get expert advice as i have already said wait for the site (URL) to be posted then post it on there )

good luck

  rdave13 01:06 18 Sep 2007

Is this it, click here

  Devil Fish 22:51 18 Sep 2007

yup thats the one

will bookmark for future reference


  woodchip 23:03 18 Sep 2007

Have you tried installing the Host file? click here

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