Help I can't hear

  Linis 14:31 10 May 2008

Tried to listen to some music today but nothing from speakers. Realised that there appeared to be no power. Checked that the connection to the hard drive was in - it was, but found another lead which I believe is the power lead? Unfortunately I can't find where it ought to go!! I also can't find my set up manual. It has to connect to something but where?? Please help!

  Ditch999 14:45 10 May 2008

The cable from the speakers generally goes in to the Line out 3.5mm socket at the back of the pc which is usually green coloured and is beside a pink one and a blue one. This is to transfer the sound from the pc to the speakers and is not a power cable.
The power cable runs from the wall socket (a plug) to a socket on the rear of one of the speakers and there can be an on/off switch/knob on the speaker as well.

  Linis 14:54 10 May 2008

Thanks for your reply. Yes the green one is in the back of the hard drive but the lead I talked about is not one that will plug into an ordinary socket - it's got a lilac coloured plastic piece with a (I think) a female single connector? There is nothing on the back of the hard drive for this to go into so it nust connect elsewhere. Its driving me mental!!

  johnnyrocker 14:57 10 May 2008

might be an idea to tell us what sort of equipment you have etc that way you help yourself also.


  Linis 14:58 10 May 2008

It's a packard bell imedia PC with the packard speakers that came with it. That's all I know!

  peter99co 15:00 10 May 2008

This Post is on Absolute Beginners as well!

  Linis 15:01 10 May 2008

As you will already know I have apologised for not knowing your rules. First time on site :(

  brundle 15:09 10 May 2008

Like this? click here& ?

May be the power supply for the speakers.

  Linis 15:12 10 May 2008

Thanks for your reply I'll have another look.

  Linis 15:21 10 May 2008

The lilac one in the picture is the same lead but the connection on the back of the hard drive is different - there is no connection at the side of the power cord. I have searched and searched but can't find it - it's a mystery.

  brundle 15:22 10 May 2008

Not into an adapter on the power cord itself?

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