Help I can't hear!!

  Linis 14:27 10 May 2008

Tried to listen to some music today but nothing from speakers. Realised that there appeared to be no power. Checked that the connection to the hard drive was in - it was, but found another lead which I believe is the power lead? Unfortunately I can't find where it ought to go!! I also can't find my set up manual. It has to connect to something but where?? Please help!

  peter99co 14:54 10 May 2008

What kind of plug is on the loose lead?

  Linis 14:58 10 May 2008

It's got a female connection and its lilac covered just before the metal bit. The green one is still in the hard drive.

  peter99co 14:59 10 May 2008

Please do not run two Posts (see Absolute Beginners)

  Linis 15:00 10 May 2008

Sorry didn't realise that this site was different to others I know of. :(

  Taff™ 06:39 11 May 2008

Have a look at the PSU at the back of the computer, where the kettle lead goes into the computer. There should be a small (Purple) hole for the power to the speakers.

  Technotiger 07:02 11 May 2008
  Taff™ 12:21 11 May 2008

Thanks Technotiger. Posted there too. I`m pretty confident that I have the right answer. Been in exactly the same situation before.

  Forum Editor 13:17 11 May 2008

in different forum areas - it's confusing and unnecessary.

I'm going to close this version now, as the Helproom version has received a greater number of responses.

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