Help - I can't boot into Windows anymore !

  jamesyt 19:51 25 Jul 2003

I can't boot into Windows XP home anymore after I (foolishly) removed a new version of a program called magic folders (used to hide folders) and tried to install an older version of it which didn't work. I then tried to reinstall to new version but after rebooting I find instead of getting into Windows all I get is a black screen! I've tried to use the Last Known Good Configuration from the boot menu which also gives me a black screen. I have also tried to get into Safe Mode where I can do a system restore but all I get is a DOS screen with the following :


I've tried to repair Windows by booting from the Windows XP CD to no avail.

Can anyone help?

  barrie_g 19:53 25 Jul 2003

Looks like its time for a clean re-install to me.

  ams4127 20:06 25 Jul 2003

Just one thing to try before a clean install.

Boot from your XP CD and get to a command prompt and run CHKDSK.

You just never know....!

  realale 20:19 25 Jul 2003

Looks like you have a multivision PC,
I have just bought one & had a similar problem,
I found out in the end that it was the mirror disk back up program.
if you can boot to safe mode and then go to start button and use run and type msconfig and then click on start up tab and disable the mirror disk back up system that may just work.
It did for me
Give it a go anyway before anything major

  jamesyt 12:19 26 Jul 2003

I did a CHKDSK, from booting using the Windows XP CD, and it said everything was ok but I still can't boot up.

Actually it's not a multivision PC (although I was going to buy one) I bought all the components and built it myself. The problem is I can't even get into safe mode to turn disk mirroring off. All I get to is the command prompt.

I also have another problem. I don't want to format my drive and lose all my work. What would be ideal is just to reinstall Windows but I've already activated it twice and I've been told that you can only activate Windows XP twice so if I install it, it may not work.

  User-312386 12:22 26 Jul 2003

put the xp disc, then try the recovery console

  powerless 12:22 26 Jul 2003

Well Activating Windows twice is rubbish i've activated numerous times.

Run a repair of XP.

  jamesyt 13:51 26 Jul 2003

I did try to repair it using the recovery console from the CD but all I could do was a CHKDSK which said everything was ok and I still can't boot into Windows.

If the thing about activating Windows XP twice is nonsense should I reinstall Windows straight back to the drive or format it and then install Windows?

  barrie_g 15:00 26 Jul 2003

You can sometimes "upgrade" xp to xp, boot from the cd and see if it will let you do this, if it does it should solve all your problems it will reinstall itself over your previous windows installation and you will retain all your data, though you will probably have to reinstall all your updates again.

  barrie_g 19:49 26 Jul 2003

Glad you got sorted could you post a brief note about how you managed to get it resolved incase anyone else has a similar prob..

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