help! I cant believe this happened, Win8.1 update deleted all emails from win live mail!!

  SANAP 16:00 14 Jan 2015

I have had PC's for years and I can never recall this happening EVER! I use a DELL dimension 8700 with win8.1 and updates set to auto so today I had a problem with PDF docs and decided to do a restart and got the update message. I allowed the update and when PC restarted I did see an onscreen message but just clicked OK and then when PC booted I went to windows live email and ALL the emails in my accounts were gone, disappeared!! I have read that WIN 8.1 is a nightmare but was using it since july last year with no problems. What did I do wrong? I am gutted.

And can I get my emails back? There were a lot, over 4000!!


  northumbria61 17:24 14 Jan 2015

You should find a solution hereWindows Live Mail Problem

  Secret-Squirrel 19:03 14 Jan 2015

SANAP, I doubt your emails have been deleted - they're probably just hiding from you. This sometimes happens because WLM's database file becomes corrupted. Try this:

Look in the Folder List in the left-hand pane. Do you see "Storage Folders" there? If not then enable them via the "View" tab at the top and click on the icon to enable it. When you've found Storage Folders, click on the little triangle next to it. Do you see a sub-folder called "Recovered Items"? If you do then drill down through all the levels. Do you see your missing emails there? If you do then post back for further advice.

  SANAP 19:51 14 Jan 2015

Thanks both, followed secret-squirrel and I get to the bit where I can see my email accounts 4 of them but when I click on each it says " There are no items in this view." And thats as far as I can go!

Will look at other idea now.


  SANAP 20:00 14 Jan 2015

ok looked at northumbria solution and saw no wondows.old folder but did find a folder mail.messagestore and at 14mb it should have all my old emails!! but what now?? I am watching footie now as well.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:31 14 Jan 2015

"..... I can see my email accounts 4 of them......"

Where exactly did you see those items? Was it under Storage Folders -> Recovered Items? If so then did you click on the little arrow next to each folder name to get to the next level down?

I'll be back in the morning - good luck.

PS, " I went to windows live email and ALL the emails in my accounts were gone"

Perhaps it would be helpful if you explained this in detail. Are you saying that you still see your accounts in WLM but there are no sub-folders showing, or are you saying that you can see the sub-folders (Inbox, Sent Items, etc) for all accounts but they're all empty.

  SANAP 20:56 14 Jan 2015

sorry, this can be as confusing as ..... When PC rebooted and I opened WLM it went off and got all the recents emails for all of my 4 accounts. And these are vsiible on left hand side. It actaully went back to 31/12/2014 on one account so I am assuming that was all that was left on webmail server. Then at the bottom of WLM I have storage folders and as I drill down I get

recovered items -01-14-2015 13.53-39 then 4 mail accounts but they are empty then another storage folders then 2 folders with dates 28-11-2014d07 29-11-2014 29 but these are empty as well.

hope that make sense

then when I go to c: \users\xxx\appdata\local\microsoft\windowslivemail\

I see duplicate accounts, some with new eamails and the others are empty. The new emails are dated after 13.53pm today and thats when I did the winds8.1 update.

It is here I can also see a folder called \compact and in it there is a file Mail/MSmessagestore. Its 14mb in size and is timed at 13.40 today ie time of update. I must have got a message to compact messages and missed it!!

Is it possible to restore compact messages?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:37 15 Jan 2015

Thanks for all the detail - everything is much clearer now.

Firstly, Mail.MSMessageStore is a database file and doesn't actually contain any emails. What I think happened is that yesterday @ 13:40 WLM compacted the database and something went wrong - that's why you have an old copy in the Compact folder.

"recovered items -01-14-2015 13.53-39 then 4 mail accounts but they are empty"

That's a worry too as that's where I would have expected you'd find all your missing emails :(

There's a chance they're lurking somewhere else so go back to your c: \users\xxx\appdata\local\microsoft\windowslivemail\ folder, and in the search bar top-right, type:


That'll search for all emails in that folder and subfolders and it may take a while. If in the results section you spot an old email then right click on it and choose "Open File Location" and reply with your findings and its location (shown in the Address Bar at the top).

If you still can't find anything then change your folder settings to show hidden files and folders - you can do that via Control Panel -> Folder Options -> "View" tab. I'd be surprised if that makes a difference but it's worth trying.

  robintheumpteenth 10:21 15 Jan 2015

Do you have a Deleted or Trash folder in Live Mail?

Click ribbon View > Storage Folders if you can't see it. Or there may be more than one.

From: click here have had a problem with Thunderbird/AOL where it has repeatedly deleted all my Inbox (2000 mails) from one account.

But it has put them in Deleted each time. They only stay there for 24 hrs though.

Fortunately I have backups of my profile (with contents).



  SANAP 16:25 15 Jan 2015

OK I did that ie .eml and bingo it found 4241 items!! I am so gobsmacked I am in a tiz. What do I do now??

  SANAP 16:32 15 Jan 2015


and when I choose another email I get another path ie junk mail.

The caps are mine.

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