HELP -How to change 'Read Only' attribute to files

  Speedy Duck 21:37 05 Jul 2007

Having transferred a number of jpeg files from the SD card on my digital camera to a folder in "My Pictures", I find that they all have a "Read Only" attribute. This prevents me transfering them to DVD for storage/backup, although I can open all files in Paint Shop Pro for adjusting colours, cropping etc, and save them in their modified state.

The attributes section of the properties box only has 'Read Only' and 'Hidden' boxes, with the 'Read Only' box checked. Clicking on this box removes the green check dot, and after clicking 'Apply' and 'OK', all appears well - until opening the properties box again, when the 'Read Only' box has become checked once again.

How can I alter the file / folder attrtbute from 'Read Only'. I am using XP Pro SP2 Build 2600. PLEASE HELP if you can, as this is driving me crazy. Thanks in anticipation of your help.

  mgmcc 22:20 05 Jul 2007

Make sure that the folder in which you are storing the files isn't inheriting the "Read Only" attribute from its parent folder.

When you set a folder's attributes in XP, you are usually given the option of applying the setting to all sub-folders and files too. If this option has been used, you need to go back up to the top level of the folder hierarchy to remove the setting, otherwise, as you've found, it will be reinstated.

  Speedy Duck 22:56 05 Jul 2007

Thanks very much for the info and advice regarding my query, but I have already tried this - without success. The path to the folder where the photos are stored is C:\My Documents\My Pictures\ Domestic\'X'.
I have tried all the way back up the path to the 'My Documents' folder, but the result is the same as that stated in my original question. Han anyone got any further ideas - PLEASE?

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