HELP!! home built pc problumes

  DjSprinks 17:34 30 Apr 2008

Hi,i have just finished building my pc but slight problume-it doesnt work!there is no vidio,no post beeps or anything just the fans,leds and controler come on.when swiched on it fires up for a second then does this two or 4 times before staying on as if its drawing to much from the supply even tho its a 550w still tho i have tryed disconecting all led parts and fans,checked all wiring and conections countless times including that 8 pin second power conector which i added,just runing it with cpu,mem and vga and nothing are some specs:

Asus P5B Dulux mobo

FSP blue storm 550w psu

intel core 2 duo cpu

nvidia 8600 GT graphics card(im not a gamer lol!)
((+ they sent me the wrong 1 twice so i gave up!)

some cheap 1 GB double sided single DDR2 Ram(which i got to tide untill i could get the ones i wanted just to c it fire up!)((which is where i think the problum lies))

seagate baracooda 250GB HDD

5 in one FDD/card reader Which funnyly enough the led stays constantly on when its has ribbon and internal usb conectors.

litescribe DVDRW Drive

Icute case,fan controler and various fans and leds

i have removed ram and powered up and it beeps like mad like it should if that points in any direction?

This is the first pc i have built from scratch and it has been a near compleate diserpointment from the first power up so i would be greatfull of any help anybody could give me!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 30 Apr 2008

4 pin connector next to CPU?

remove refit video card retry.


  Jollyjohn 17:46 30 Apr 2008

Couple of things to try;
Ensure graphics card is properly fitted in slot, you may need to be quite firm!
Check the ribbon cable to the floppy especially the Pin 1 locations at both ends and note the end with the twisted bit of cable should be at the floppy drive end.

  Diemmess 17:55 30 Apr 2008

For starters:
Put at least one stick of RAM in place (check mobo to see if it must be in pairs and which slot for the first piece)

Disconnect HD, DVD, card reader, and every peripheral you might have there.

If you switch on now it should reach a dire screen with an error message saying something like No System Disk or Drive Invalid.

If it still wont show any sign of life, you should look and be sure that the CPU is correctly seated. (Don't meddle with this unless desparate.)

If you do reach this far, then it is time to reconnect things one at a time starting with the HD.
HD wont get you far until it is formatted, and that isn't possible until you have reconnected the next thing, your DVD.

It does look like a RAM fault but you have to go as far as the BIOS to check that.
Press repeatedly Delete or F2 (depending on your mobo) from the moment you switch on,

Post back with any error messages you find

one thing i always have to do, reset cmos, if it's a new motherboard and you have connected everything to it, i only ever get fans till i reset cmos, should be instructions on motherboard manual, or take battery out for 10 minutes. 4 pc's i have had to do this to, try it before you start removing/ disconnecting things.

  DjSprinks 18:54 30 Apr 2008

Hi guys thanks 4 yr help so far.Its an 8 pin connector and is conected and i have tryed removing/reinstaling the graphics card.i will check the floppy pins.the ram is a single stick. i will be buyin 2GB made of pair of 1 GB (prob OCZ from overclockersuk 2night or tomorow)will try that then.((do any of u rate there ram?)).i dont any screen when swiched dont even think i get post.will try reseting the cmos.i will get back to you all tomorow,am on a m8s pc as i currently dont have one as you all know!thanks again.

  T0SH 19:11 30 Apr 2008

Double check the seating of the CPU cooler heatsink, on the intel dual core socket 775 stock heatsinks, the plastic screw catches are notoriously difficult to locate and fit properly so it holds the heatsink surface fully in thermal contact with the CPU

if the fitting is not done correctly you will get exactly the results you have this is because the CPU very rapidly overheats and thermal shutdown occurrs within a few seconds

I find this fitting check easiest to do with the motherboard out of the case

  DjSprinks 20:17 30 Apr 2008

sounds intresting but i do not have a stock heatsink and i have temp read out on fan controler an it only says up to 25ish for the cpu.will try tho.thanks.

  DjSprinks 22:28 30 Apr 2008

sounds intresting but i do not have a stock heatsink and i have temp read out on fan controler an it only says up to 25ish for the cpu.will try tho.thanks.

  DjSprinks 10:56 01 May 2008

Ok people i have tryed all of the bellow but nothing has worked so has any one got any other sugestions please!!!! Thanks so far.

  Ditch999 12:35 01 May 2008

I think the RAM is the problem. Did you manage to get a different stick? I use OCZ and have had no problems with it (except the ones I created myself!)

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