Help with Hiper PC - wont turn on

  heartsfanno1 08:52 04 Feb 2009

Hi I've got a problem with my PC that it wont start up. The blue light on the front came on and there's a high pitched beeping from the case but nothing on the screen.

I took the case off and noticed it was the PSU that was beeping. I tried making sure the connections were fine and tried to boot up again.

This time the beeping started again but the blue light didnt come on.

This sounds like a PSU problem to me but i'm no expert. The only problem is my case is a Hiper slim line DVD sized one which the PSU is embedded into it.

Anyone got any ideas about if I have to get a whole new case and how easy would it be to transfer all my hardware accross to a new case?

thanks for any help


  heartsfanno1 10:36 04 Feb 2009


  heartsfanno1 14:04 04 Feb 2009


  canarieslover 14:26 04 Feb 2009

What is the model number of the PC as hiper do power supplies?
click here
Obviously these do not look as though they are embedded but are you absolutely sure that yours is?

  crosstrainer 14:27 04 Feb 2009

Are you sure it's the PSU itself that's beeping? If so, post the make of the unit, you would not have to buy a new case, just a new PSU if that proves to be faulty.

  heartsfanno1 14:44 04 Feb 2009

The no. on the PSU is Hiper hpu-1n200 and the case model is Hiper Media Center HMC-1S53A.

I'm pretty sure its the PSU beeping and also that its part of the case as the tops only covered by a piece of thin plastic that you can take off to see the insides welded to the case itself.

  heartsfanno1 14:46 04 Feb 2009

Also the fan on the side of the case that cools the PSU has stopped working but this also looks like its embedded in the case!

  crosstrainer 15:05 04 Feb 2009

Sounds like a dead PSU all right...It's built by Hiper? I can't believe you can't change the PSU.

Look at the rear of the case for 4 screws at each corner of the power supply (it slides in and out)

  crosstrainer 15:07 04 Feb 2009

The link would suggest that you can buy the cases, but they are Media centre based, not easy to work on.

click here

  heartsfanno1 15:24 04 Feb 2009


thanks for your help. I'll have a look when I go home to def make sure I cant take the PSU out but I think its had to be fitted with the case because the case is so thin.

So there's no way I could just take everything out of my PC and put it in a new case (Hiper or other make) and everything would work ok?

  crosstrainer 15:42 04 Feb 2009

Not an easy job if it's th first attempt at a build. You should only need a PSU because I'm pretty sure that it's replaceable. However, it is a non standard design, and without actually seeing it, it's hard to give a definite answer. In this case it might be best to find out how much Hiper will charge you for the repair.

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