Help with headset and microphone

  GroupFC 22:18 05 Jan 2004

I have recently purchased a combined stereo headset and microphone (Packard Bell PB-HS200), with a view to using them with my home PC (running XP home), so that I can play with one of my Christmas presents (a french language course)!

The only problem is I can’t make the damn microphone work! I know that it does work as I have successfully recorded myself on a colleagues laptop (running win 98).

One of the problems is that I have a six speaker set up so the mic jack is in fact a line out under 6-channel configuration. When I unplug all the speakers and plug in the headphone and microphone jacks, I can get sound out but nothing is being recorded!

I have checked obvious things (like ensuring the mic is not muted and that it is selected under recording control!). Two things I have noticed is that under “Sounds and Audio devices – Sound recording” the advanced button is greyed out, and under “recording control – advanced” the tone controls are greyed out. Do these have any bearing on this problem?

Before the whole lot goes out of the window is it possible to buy a USB headset with microphone and would it be possible to use these without having to disconnect the speakers as this would seem to be a possible way to go?

I have to solve this problem well before the summer hols (or go to Cornwall instead!).

Any help advice or comments will (as usual with my problems!) be very much appreciated.

  DieSse 22:38 05 Jan 2004

You can't just unplug the working 6.1 devices and expect the mic to work - the socket will still have sound coming out of it.

You need to re-configure the way the sockets work, using the supplied software (usually click on the "Sound Effect" icon in the system tray.)

  GroupFC 22:45 05 Jan 2004

Yes, sorry I should have said that I did that, changing it from the six channel to the 2 channel button, but I still couldn't get it to work!

  woodchip 22:47 05 Jan 2004

Right click the Speaker icon in the system tray. Click open volume controls, go to Options\properties\recording make sure that mic is not muted and volume full up

  GroupFC 22:55 05 Jan 2004

Yeah been there and done that!

Any other suggestions?

  woodchip 23:25 05 Jan 2004

Check in the control panel on Multimeadia to see if there is a volume slider in there, Have you thought the mic may be faulty, plus have you put it in the Mic socket in the sound card

  GroupFC 08:38 06 Jan 2004

Sorry not to have come back to you earlier - had had a very busy day so had to go to bed!

I have checked every where I can think of for volume and mic controls and adjusted all sorts of sliders! All to no effect! I definitely put it in the mic socket (the jacks are colour coded on the headset and 'puter to help idiots like me!) and the mic isn't faulty as I have successfully recorded my dulcet tones on a laptop using it!

Any other suggestions, as this is really beginning to get to me!

  cycoze 09:30 06 Jan 2004

What sound card do you have installed ? and is it set to digital or analogue?

  GroupFC 10:17 06 Jan 2004

I don't know (!)- if you can let me know how I check when I get home tonight I'll have a look and post back this evening - but is this likely to have
a bearing on the problem?

  woodchip 10:40 06 Jan 2004

Is it playing all other sounds

  GroupFC 23:08 06 Jan 2004

Sorry I don't mean to ignore you - I have had yet another bad day!

I haven't had a chance to have another go at this but will do tomorrow night(I'm off to bed soon - just looked in before turning in!).

Yes when I unplug the speakers and plug in the headset and mic, I can get sound through the headphones (say playing a .wav file) but get no response from the mic!

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