Help with Headphones/Microphone

  Edward-207256 17:11 13 Nov 2005

I recently purhased a headset called '610 SILVERLINE COMPACT HEADSET' which has a microphone on the front. I plugged the headset into the appropriate slots, and although the sound worked, the microphone didnt work. i was just wondering if there was any settings required to be altered for the microphone to work?

Kind Regards, Eddy

  alexgray104 17:29 13 Nov 2005

Is microphone enabled in the voice tab of sounds and audio devices in control panel??

  Stuartli 17:32 13 Nov 2005

When I use my headset with Skype, the Mike input has to be muted.

It works OK...:-)

  Edward-207256 17:39 13 Nov 2005

my microphone is enabled, is there any chance that i might need a driver for it??

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