Help - have I lost my E-mail account?

  Christopher Burke 16:55 27 May 2007

Dear Somebody.

I WAS a member of ordinary Hotmail. I needed a second address so I joined Live Hotmail. But now every time I try to sign into my old Hotmail account I get signed into Live Hotmail.

Where's my ordinary Hotmail account gone??

Don't tell me I've lost everything? Please!?!


  p;3 17:01 27 May 2007

have you tried to access the old mail address on the server?

  Christopher Burke 17:04 27 May 2007

I get signed into Hotmail Live and not my old Hotmail account

When I'm in Messenger, it still says how many unopened E-mails I have in my old account - but if I click on the icon in Messenger, I'm taken to the new Hotmail Live account, which is empty!


Thanks in advance


  p;3 17:09 27 May 2007

according to this things HAVE changed

click here

THIS link MAY help you?
click here ?????

  p;3 17:12 27 May 2007

or try THIS link to find your 'old' mails?click here

  p;3 17:15 27 May 2007

or a link to contact them from here perhaps?click here

  Christopher Burke 17:23 27 May 2007

Dear Friend.

Thank you very much for your help - your last link worked!

Great respect to you


  p;3 17:30 27 May 2007

you have found that which you had lost( I hope?) ,( with a bit of help in the background from dear google)::)BRILL that I could help you in some small way:))

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