Help on hard drive please

  Never again 11:47 22 May 2003

I have been lumbered with an old IBM 486 to upgrade and fitted a cd drive ok. When fitting a bigger hard drive I have not been able to get past the post or get into the bios(f2) to get it to recognise the drive and reconfigure setup.

I get the usual post and then 2 beeps at startup and then it stops and wont go any further.

I have a monitor displaying a set of mumbers and a red circle with ok crossed out and an arrow pointing at a picture of a page or something

I have tried turning it off and sticking a dos disk in to reformat or fdisk but this does not work, and I cant exactly remember what order to do it in anyway.

My brain has gone blank - please help

  jeez 11:58 22 May 2003

how big is the hd your trying to install? Are the jumpers ok, ide cables right way around, etc.
Some comps have minds of their own though, I had to put my second cdrw on the primary ide channel as master as it wasn't recognised on the secondary cahnnel as master or slave and not on the primary channel as slave! (all jumpers, bios settings were correct by the way)

  jeez 12:00 22 May 2003

oh, click here for the beep's by the way click here

  Never again 12:05 22 May 2003

I am replacing a 163 mb hard drive with a 1.2 gig one which are both scsi.

I have not changed any jumpers and do not have a motherboard manual.

I have assumed that the 2 beeps are because the bios has not yet recognised the hdd, but f2 has not let me into the bios.

The cables are all ok and will only go in one way.

  BigMoFoT 12:10 22 May 2003

What size HDD have you fitted? It may be the case that the new HDD is too advanced for the wizard

  BigMoFoT 12:20 22 May 2003

wizard whats that all about? Typo error I meant motherboard - its prob the SCSI host

  jeez 12:25 22 May 2003

make sure you havn't disturbed anything like the video card, memory, etc. Can your scsi controller support the larger drive? perhaps you need a firmware/bios update put the old hdd back in so the system boots and check out the manf's of the components using something like this click here download the latest firmware and bios and go from there.

  Never again 12:25 22 May 2003

I'm sorry but tou will have to type slower as my brain does not understand your last message !!

  jeez 12:26 22 May 2003

in the link click free download

  Never again 12:26 22 May 2003

sorry I meant the last message from BigMoFoT

make sure that the scsi ID number is set correctlt and the drive is terminated properly.

my fear is that your bios will not support the larger drive but i dont understand why you cant access it (the bios)

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