Help with hard drive please

  The_Deputy 23:15 02 Jan 2009

Hello there,

Just need a little help.

Basically, I had a 40GB external hard drive, that had been partitioned into two. Each section have 18.6GB each. I wanted to merge the two together to form 40GB again (I know I cannot reach 40GB, but you know what I mean). So, I did this:

click here

Deleting one of the partitions (K:), only J: remains, with just 18.6GB. I then reformatted it, using windows vista, hoping it would then get me near 40GB, but it just stayed at 18.6GB. Have I ruined my HDD and permanently lost that 40GB I once had, or can I create another 18.6GB partition again and merge the two to get 40GB?

Also, when I opened device manager, it stated 18.6GB was allocated space, and 18.6GB unallocated.

I really need help, please.

  LastChip 23:57 02 Jan 2009

You've deleted the partition, but you haven't told the system to use it elsewhere.

I'm not familiar with Vista as I refuse to use it, but it may be possible to tell the Disk Management system, to use that extra space. If not, you will need a third party utility, like Partition Magic, or the free Ranish utility to merge the two partitions into one.

Alternatively, you can delete both partitions and then create one big one. But be aware if you do that, you will destroy all the data on the drive.

  Terminus90 00:41 03 Jan 2009

try this click here

  The_Deputy 16:17 03 Jan 2009

Thanks for the advice, I shall try out the programme Terminus stated and if that fails, I will try Partition Magic.

Thanks again!

  aine 22:05 03 Jan 2009

Go back to where you deleted the partition. Expand the unallocated partition, the PC will tell you how far you can expand, use this it will recover the spare space

  aine 22:07 03 Jan 2009

Reread this different expand the allocated space . sorry clerical error

  DieSse 11:53 04 Jan 2009

You simply need to delete BOTH partitions, then remake one large one - then format it. You can use Disk Manager, as I suspect you used in the first place.

That's just to re-enforce what LastChip said.

Just to explain - formatting is not what changes partition sizes - they need to be changed before formatting.

  The_Deputy 17:12 04 Jan 2009

Only J: is now remaining, so I need to delete this as well, then make one large partition right? Sorry, I just really don't want to ruin my hard drive.

  DieSse 17:32 04 Jan 2009

Yes - on your external drive, remove both partitions. Then you can remake the drive with a single partition that uses all the drive space.

Since you said above you have deleted K and reformatted J, there is no data on the drive to lose.

  The_Deputy 17:36 04 Jan 2009

Ok, I have just deleted it, but now, Disk Management will not pick the HDD up. How do I find it now?

  The_Deputy 17:49 04 Jan 2009

Right, I have now made one large partition which is very close to 40GB. Thank you all!

Now, one last thing, I have to reformat the drive, but it only allows me to do so on either NTFS or exFAT. How do I format the drive to FAT32?

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