Help with Half Life & WinXP

  WiLL-A 22:29 27 Feb 2003

Since making the move from Win ME to WinXP I have found that Half-Life no longer works properly.

There has been problems getting the video to display properly. But most annoyingly is the fact that when I try and run Team Fortress the game hangs and I have to close it down.

I have all the latest WinXP and Half Life updates and I have tried running it in compatability mode but to no avail.

Has anyone else had this issue and is so how did they get around it?

  vaughan007 22:32 27 Feb 2003

I assume u have already tried un-installing and re-installing?

Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card?

Exactly what do you mean the video wont display properly?

When, exactly, does Team Fortress hang?

Does it hang during connection? If so what does it say in the console when it does?

Please provide the answers to these questions.


  WiLL-A 22:43 27 Feb 2003

I have tried reinstalling but no use.

The video will only run in software, when i try Direct X it says my version is out of date (i have 8.1) and under open gl mode it runs at about 2 fps. I have the latest driver for my card.

Team Fortress hangs when i try and connect to the servers ie get a list of all the game servers available. It just freezes and goes no further.

  froggg 00:15 28 Feb 2003

I had probs with this,there is a patch specifically for xp/half life-try sierra's site

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