help with graphics card problem

  wobblymike 18:59 21 Sep 2005

Hi all - I have just installed a PC Chips M863G mobo which has its own built in graphics which shares the system memory. I wish to fit an AGP graphics card to free up the memory, something I have done many times before. The mobo has an Orange AGP slot with 2 cutouts in it, I purchased a B1178 3DLABS 16MB AGP SDRAM GRAPHIC CARD and fitted it but it won't work with no output at all. I have tried the card in another PC with a conventional brown single cutout agp slot and it works fine. I am unable to find any way of disabling on board graphics in bios. I note this card has SDRAM memory while the mobo uses DDR RAM - don't know if this is a factor - any help gratefully received.

  wobblymike 20:28 21 Sep 2005


  howard63 20:35 21 Sep 2005

with some bios you have an entry deeply nested within the menus for graphics card priority. Look in the mobo manual. The last pc chips one I touched had 3 choices pci; agp and pci-x

  wobblymike 20:43 21 Sep 2005

howard63 Hi I have found that part of the BIOS and set it to AGP - no joy.

  howard63 20:51 21 Sep 2005

the only thing I can now think of is the voltage of the agp slot - these vary with the type and with too low a voltage they wont work - too high and its frying tonight. Look at the info that came with the card and then compare that with the mobo. You may be able to change the voltage.

  ulrich 21:02 21 Sep 2005

You have a PCI Card do you have the right motherboard for it, which motherboard do you have?

  ulrich 21:03 21 Sep 2005

I seem to have lost it somewhere forget my last posting.

  gudgulf 21:05 21 Sep 2005

The mobo has an AGP 3.0(4x/8x) slot and the graphics card is AGP 4x so it should work.Try resetting the card to make sure it is fully seated within the slot.You know the graphics card works in another pc.So it might be possible that the AGP slot itself is duff........if you can lay your hands on an alternative graphics card then try that.

It could also be that the card is incompatible with the PC Chips mobo.Or have a good look through the motherboard manual...I seem to remember having to change some jumpers to fit a seperate graphics card to an older model of PC Chips mobo.Having said that most modern boards should simply default to the new card and need no disabling of the onboard graphics.

One thing that does make me think is that the graphics card with only 16MB of SDRAM memory is probably slower than the onboard graphics.Unless you are running your system with very low RAM memory then you might be better off sticking to the onboard graphics.

  DieSse 21:20 21 Sep 2005

I agree with gudgulf, that you are possibly into worse graphics than on-board. This older board is probably incompatible with the AGP slot on your m/board.

If you wish to free up RAM, then

Add more RAM

and/or reduce the amount of RAM used by the on-board.

  User-312386 21:27 21 Sep 2005

Just looked through your manual

In page 45


Now look down and look at the "Primary graphics adaptor" and set it to AGP

click here

  wobblymike 21:56 21 Sep 2005

Guys thank you all for your thoughts

madboy33©® - done that makes no difference card still won't work

I'm going to have to get an 8 x AGP card to prove this one way or the other I guess

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