Help! Got myself confused with RAW files

  six-h 20:14 20 May 2009

Just trying to download some recent pics from my CF card and didn't want to end up with duplicates so I aborted Photoshop downloader.
(wrong decision!)
I then found that I could only download the Jpeg versions of the files (I'm shooting both at the moment).
Can someone instruct me how to now download and store the RAW files into the same folder that contains the Jpegs?
I'm using PSE 5 and Camera Raw.

  hssutton 20:21 20 May 2009

Explore your flash card in "My Computer". Select the Raw files and download them into a folder on your desktop. You can then put them wherever you want.

  six-h 20:27 20 May 2009

Thanks hssutton, do you mean just copy and paste them?
Just looking through my only other dual file session The Jpeg and Raw files seem to have automatically downloaded into the same folder, presumably this was done by "downloader" since I've no recollection of having to do it manually.
If I'd just left "downloader" to it, would it have done this all by it's self?

  skidzy 22:05 20 May 2009

What i tend to do is;

Right click my desktop and new folder and name it,Monday/Park/River/baby etc...

Then as hssuton says,just access the card via computer and select the pics by copying and paste them into the the new folder you have created (not drag and drop).

If it suits you,you could name one folder ..something like Park Raw and Park Jpeg etc

  six-h 22:15 20 May 2009

Thanks skidzy, Ive done it as you and hssutton explained.
Just can't understand why "downloader" seems to be ignoring these Raw files.

  skidzy 22:31 20 May 2009

Personally i do not use the downloaders available in the various software im using.I always select the photos i wish to work with first (as above) and then select the photo from the new folder...saves a lot of clutter on the harddrives.
Then once finished with the photos ,i save to external drive and cd and remove the folder from my desktop (unless i wish to keep the photos on that particular harddrive).

Thats pretty much my procedure and maybe not everyone else's cup of tea,but works for me.

  hssutton 22:44 20 May 2009

Until I started using Lightroom I did exactly as skidzy.

Lightroom is a very good raw convertor, plus organiser and will also open and edit Jpgs, but maybe a little expensive for some people.

  skidzy 23:01 20 May 2009

Ive been trialling LR2,and though a novice really - its impressive piece of kit.

I have CS4 on trial too,but realistically i would buy LR2 and/or PS7 if i was to spend money on the software.
Just learning the interface of LR2 is a learning curve but using the Develope part really helps me.

  six-h 23:04 20 May 2009

Lightroom is as you suspect, a bit beyond my pocket (and my current skill level) lol
prior to installing PSE 5, I never used software downloaders either, it's just that PSE downloader seems to get in there before the "auto play" window opens, and I'm not always quick enough to stop it.
Consequently, my own filing system is in total disaray and I'll have to get around to tidying it up 'cos I'm sure I must have many duplicates!!

  skidzy 23:13 20 May 2009

In PS5 six-h there should be a default setting that will disable the downloader,just a matter of unticking the defaults.

Like i said earlier,i find it best to create a series of folders and manually transfer my selected photo's.At least i only get what i wish to work with.

Im only a beginner and hssutton may offer better and more informative information.
Though i must add,while on the subject,ive had some excellent advice on a few things from Flickr that certainly helps me a bit.

  skidzy 23:22 20 May 2009

Handy little piece of free software six-h is Photoscape,i like this as its easy to use with a simple undo facility.
For example a quick play with Photoscape can produce this....not the best in the world but quite good for my standards click here

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