Help getting to watch the telly on my PC please

  Never again 21:34 03 Aug 2004

I've just bought a tv card from ebay with drivers to watch the telly on my p3 800 512 ram windows me pc (although there's a telly in the room - don't ask me why I bought it).

It installed ok but how do I use it?

Do I need some software?

I installed Windows web tv in windows set up/ control panel.

Am I missing something (apart from a brain).


  howard60 22:24 03 Aug 2004

you have connected an aerial?

  Chegs ® 23:41 03 Aug 2004

On the "Drivers" CD,are there not other applications,such as "TV/Teletext",etc?

I have two TV cards,both came with driver+TV software CD.

  Never again 10:50 04 Aug 2004

Thanks for the replies.

I have connected an aerial, so thats not it.

There might be some software on the cd, but I was too lame brained to look - I'll check it out tonight and let you know.

  SEASHANTY 15:58 04 Aug 2004

Look in the manual. You will have to set up the TV channels for your particular area. The TV tuner on your card will include all the UHF channels from 21 to 60. You have to set it up like a VCR, but unlike a VCR which will probably do it on auto you will most likely find you have to do this manually on your TV card.

  Never again 20:53 04 Aug 2004

The software was on the cd which is galaxy version

The card has tuned to the normal 5 terrestrial channels, but there is no sound.

Device manager says everthing is working ok.

I thought that there might be a cable to connect to my soundcard but there are no pins on the tv card which is a Modular Technology MM210PCTV card.

There is a small round socket type thing poking out the back next to the aerial but no cable was supplied to me. My normal speaker cable which plugs intop my soundcard is too big to fit in.

I don't have a manual and google won't find one.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

  stalion 21:03 04 Aug 2004

I won't ask you why you bought it but you can get a packard bell pb-tv100 from pc world for about £30 which also has teletext and setup software.Also captures video

  Never again 21:29 04 Aug 2004

Hi Stalion

As I said at the start of the thread - I bought it on ebay and it came with a cd labelled Galaxy CD version 2.0. It has teletext software and I think it also captures video, but I'm unfamiliar with the setup.

I think that it may equire a seperate cable to connect to the sound card as the only other method of connection is this other round socket thingy just under the aeriel connector.

Do you have a tv card and does it need a cable?

  Never again 07:13 10 Aug 2004

This is what I have established so far.

The connection into the tvcard is a phono one, and the colour of the inside of this is black which , I am told indicates that it is the sound connector.

I am not sure where it should go in my sound card, but all the connectors are 3.5 jack types (which take normal speaker jacks.

I attempted to buy a 3.5 jack/ phono lead but these only come with 2 phono leads on the other end - I assume that this is due to stereo requirements.

I bought a 3.5 jack/ 3.5 jack lead and a 3.5 jack / phono adapter, but it is a mono adapter as there was no stereo ones in the store. one sales assistant said that it would work but only on one channel and another said no way.

I have a "phono" lead, which may be the wrong one as it originally was supplied with an old video card and has yellow indicators near the phono connectors.

I have also tried a 3.5 jack splitter lead to piggt back one of my speaker cables, but still no sound.

I obviously wish that I'd never bought the thing in the first place but I don't want it to beat me.

Any help would be appreciated folks.

  Rogerfredo 09:19 10 Aug 2004

Have you tried the Modular Technology site support section?
In the FAQ listed there is mention that you may need to "temporarily remove your sound card" when you install the TV card. I presume there may be a conflict which could cause symptoms you describe. The phono plug on the card is likely to be an input for connection of VCR etc.
My TV card has no connection to the sound card (this being done through the PCI bus.

  Stuartli 10:35 10 Aug 2004

You may need an RCA/3.5mm jackplug adapter to use with your Line In socket on the sound card depending on the cables used.

Also check in your Mixer panel that Line In has not been muted or the slider turned down.

Also, at least with Hauppauge TV cards, you have to install a driver and the card's software.

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