Help with getting IP Address

  psychouk 22:13 29 Oct 2005

Currently have a simple network : router/modem Belkin with PC attached plus 2nd desktop with wireless Belkin PCI card. All has been fine for the last 3/4months and then today started to have a problem with the wireless connection.

Every time attempt to connect to router via the 'wireless' pc only get limited/no connectivity, very strong signal but NO IP address being allocated.

Able to connect to router wirelessly via a PSP so do not believe it is a Router fault.

I've uninstalled and then installed the PCI card with no luck.

Any one got any ideas??

  Taff36 08:38 30 Oct 2005

I always try turning off all the equipment and unplug the router for ten minutes. Turn on the router first and check that the LED`s are on. Then turn on each computer in turn so that the router allocates an IP address to each.

  Chegs ® 10:31 30 Oct 2005

I have experienced a similar thing with one of the PC's I maintain.I tried leaving it upto XP to allocate IP,but always got limited/no connectivity warnings.I manually allocated its IP,and it worked fine,he took it home only to get the same problem when trying to connect into his gaming network.It was still doing this even when manually allocating IP(or so he said)I quickly jotted down the basics of IP addressing(All in the same number range,eg:192.168.8.*** where stars are between 0 and 254)and suggested he check the IP addresses of the machines he was trying to connect to.He still claimed it wasn't working,so I popped over to see for myself.The PC's he was trying to connect to were all on different ranges,192.168.2.***/197.142.0.***,etc)and worse still,some were on different workgroups,its no flipping wonder he couldn't get his machine into the network.20 mins later,I had allocated each machine an IP/workgroup,and all was well.Until the next day,when the same no/limited connectivity messages reappeared on his PC.

I hate networking.Grrr.

  psychouk 15:19 30 Oct 2005

Thanks for the suggestion Taff but I had already done this....actually I think I did that about 10 times yesterday!!

I came to the conclusion that the best option was to reinstall windows which has solved it!!!

I think that as this particular PC was used by my daughter that she may have picked up a virus or accepted some dialoge box that she shouldn't and has there was little saved on it a reformat and install wasn't too much trouble.

However if anyone has any idead I would still be grateful to hear them in case it happens again.

Home networking...forget the adverts saying its easy...its a B****y nightmare!!!!!

  recap 13:11 31 Oct 2005

Check the Event Logs for any errors that may show up concerning this event. If you are unsure as to what if any error message says, click here enter the ID number and source, you may get a clearer explanation.

If you need to check what your IP address is then click here

  booner 22:20 31 Oct 2005

hi psychouk i had the same problem as you tried everything with no joy, in the end i phoned my isp provider and together we put ip address, subnet mask,default gateway,and dns info in manually, for wired and wireless connections, and bingo it worked.I am glad i made the phone call.

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