Help getting File Sharing setup on USRobotics 9110

  BBez 19:22 16 Sep 2006

I have just bought a US Robotics 9110 wireless router which came with a USB2 wireless adapter. I have set up the internet with it fine and I now have a computer (PC2) sharing the internet wirelessly from the router and one (PC1) connected directly to the router with Cat 5 cable.

I cannot work out how to transfer files between the two computers using the wireless network or how to share a printer that is connected to (PC1).

I've shared 1 folder on each PC (simple sharing disabled on the XP system (PC1)) and given Everyone Full Control.

Setup static IP's on both PC's and disabled DHCP on router, as i have to forward ports for both PC's to get various apps running correctly on both PC's.

Both are in same WORKGROUP and IP ranges / subnet masks are the same as the router, i can ping router from both clients and can ping each client from the other (PC1 - PC2) (PC2 - PC1)

I have also created similar user accounts and passwords on each client.

I have disabled Sygate / Windows firewalls completely and terminated their services so their is no software firewalls running.

Am i missing something on the router that may need to be configured to all file / print sharing.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

PC1 is running XP SP2
PC2 is running Win 2000 SP4

any help, TIA

  BBez 20:03 16 Sep 2006

had a problem on PC1 with the AFD driver not starting. Set this as a system startup, now i can browse network and see share on PC2 but PC2 still cannot see share on PC1...


  Strawballs 22:21 16 Sep 2006

Have you tried running network set up wizard in control panel (NOT wireless one)on both machines, that is the route that I normally take the biggest problem that I get is from firewalls I start by dissabling them and if you have a 3rd party one (did I see you mention sygate) then after dissabling that one check windows firewall it has a habit of turning on if you turn off your own one. then when you get the network up and running turn your one back on and allow your network traffic.

  BBez 11:39 17 Sep 2006

thanks for the info SB. I've disabled the Windows Firewall service as it seems to turn in when you run the wizard.

I had a few services disabled on PC1 so i think that i'm going to have a painstaking time reinstating the ones to get NetBIOS over TCP/IP running correctly.

I can now see PC2 and it's shared folder from PC1, and i can see PC1 from PC2 when i browse the workgroup, but cannot see PC2's shared folder even though i have given full control network / ntfs permissions to both similar user accounts on each client.


  BBez 15:46 17 Sep 2006

some essential services on PC1 were disabled from when it wasn't part of a LAN, sorted now.

Thanks Strawballs for the sygate info, created an advanced rule to let all traffic on all protocols / ports through, working fine now...

  FGHJK 22:16 17 Sep 2006

I have exact same issue.

What exactly did you do to set up to get thye final PC1 -> PC2, and PC2 -> PC1 visibility. I have firewalls all off. Each can see the network name and can see themselves on it but not each other.

Final complication:
I have a laptop (lets call it LP1) but whenevr IO try to set up a network place it tells me to contact the system administrator? How can I set up access levels on LP1 so that I can set up a network place. i.e. adminstrator clearances?

Apologies if piggy backing on your issue is bad call!!???........

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