Help to get files of hdd that can, but won't boot?

  josie mayhem 17:42 30 Nov 2004

I would like to retrieve/trransfer some file from my hard drive to another. (new mobo blow up before I got the chance to back up)

I've tried to get into safe mode, but it crashes out before this.

Is it possiable to set this drive has a slave, and then get at the files to transfer back to the c: drive, or another way to get the new mobo drivers loaded so that c: will boot?

  Diemmess 17:51 30 Nov 2004

assume your have a new mobo or another computer?

There should be no problem recovering data from the old HD as a slave, to a new one once the computer is up and running again.

Unless the OS is Win98se or earlier (where 2 O/S on one computer will upset it!) ......... If the new mobo is in place it should boot up anyway with the old HD even if it does scream for its proper drivers.

  josie mayhem 18:15 30 Nov 2004

thanks for that,

I try and see how it fairs with blaster 3, the software for my drive. Which I have done before but not with xp.

It's not live or death if I don't retrevie the files, there are only music files, which will take me several hours of vinyl to pc, to get them loaded again.

  joethebow 19:26 30 Nov 2004

You need to install another HDD as a master and the current one as a slave. To do this you look at the label on the drives which will tell you how to set the jumper. This is a little black plug which should be located next to the IDE connector. Disable the old drive in the bios and load windows on the new one. Then enable the old drive and you should be able to transfer the files.

Just be sure that both drives are formated the same i.e. both Fat32 or both NTS.

However, if your file structure has been corrupted then you may get little or nothing back

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