Help games keep crashing computer

  gisjo 19:25 17 Jun 2005

I'm having trouble with the computer crashing in 3d games. It crashes and restarts the computer. i have windows xp, service pack 2, all up to date, geforce 6600gt, all drivers up to date. 3200 processor,and a gig of memory. you never no when its going to crash. i have looked at the system error records and it says....
the imapi cd-burnig com service service entered the stopped state.
my virus checker is up to date with no virus found. The games that crash are... ROME total war & Silent Hunter3 and it seems to be 3D games.
Can anyone help me with this please.

  keith-236785 19:44 17 Jun 2005

could be an overheating issue, install speedfan click here and click in the download section where it says "The latest version is SpeedFan 4.24.", this runs in the taskpane and allows you to monitor the temperatures in your system.

3d games push your proc temp up and it might be that your motherboard has a high limit at which the system shuts down to protect itself. look in the bios and see if you can set the cpu maximum temp to 65°C (for AMD procs) it might be set at 50° and its quite easy to reach that with some games.

hope all goes well

  keith-236785 19:46 17 Jun 2005

just for reference, my athlon XP2600 runs at 42° but pushes between 46 - 50° when i play online snooker (graphic & CPU intensive).

  Joe R 19:58 17 Jun 2005


uninstall your drivers, after downloading the latest nvidia drivers from here.

When re-booting just keep pressing cancel to install drivers, and when fully booted click on the latest drivers.

click here

  citadel 20:53 17 Jun 2005

have you installed the patches for the games, and if you have upgraded your computer you might need a better power supply unit.

  Joe R 20:57 17 Jun 2005


completely ignore my last posting. Your drivers are up to date.

  gisjo 21:02 17 Jun 2005

I upgraded power supply 6 months back it as 400 power supply

  gisjo 21:06 17 Jun 2005

i have installed speed fan the temperature is 50 degrees C when games are not running - is that too high?

  dagwoood 22:39 17 Jun 2005

gisjo, your temperature's fine.

You have plugged a connector from your power supply into your graphics card haven't you?

  gisjo 23:08 17 Jun 2005

Yes plugged the connector into the graphics card power supply

  dagwoood 01:40 18 Jun 2005

gisjo, your problem was quite common when the 6600GT first came out and quite often the card was faulty and had to be exchanged(a lot of people didn't realise that you had to connect it to your PSU, hence my above post). Some people who have VIA and SIS chipsets on their motherboards have had problems as well.

You said you installed a new 400watt PSU, but some manufacturers now recommend having at least a 450watt PSU to run a 6600GT card.

If you fancy a long read, check out this thread on the Nvidia forum click here .

I know it's long, but if your going to find a cure, it's probably in that thread.

HTH, dagwoood.

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