help for gamers.....................

  Tankus 23:20 12 Jan 2003
  Tankus 23:20 12 Jan 2003

Just a small point..................

(At a guess) Most PC gamers upgrade their computers far more regularly than people who use their computers for web or word processing , due to the increasing demands of new games

So that this site is is a very useful resource for sorting out our conflicts ,due to the abilities and helpfulness of the contributers that post here...

Its open to all.......! And better for it...

  Tankus 23:21 12 Jan 2003


  VoG™ 23:23 12 Jan 2003

No problems for me. However, if it gets to the detail of "I am on Level 7 and a lamb just ate my frog..." please count me out!

  Non Welsh Local 03:39 13 Jan 2003

Simple, if you don't like games, don't read the posts.

  Stokey 12:00 13 Jan 2003

Like you I'm not a gamer but I used to look in the gamesroom quite often. I actually miss it. They were a humerous crowd and I went along just for a laugh. But you have given me one here VoG™.

Nice one!


  powerless 12:37 13 Jan 2003

Page 166.

Bottom of page :-(

  two00lbwaster 12:49 13 Jan 2003

havent got it yet as i dont subscride. what does it say powerless?

thanks for the post i'll return evey so often.

yes i upgrade my machine regularly though ive got it about right at the mo the next change is either going to be a new mobo mem and processor but ive got stuff i want to do over the coming months which casts money (driving lessons and test to start with followed by purchasing a car)

  powerless 13:00 13 Jan 2003

The PC Advisor Gamesroom has gone down a storm with our online forum members and it's the place to go if you have any gaming questions. Our lovely members generally manage to answer any gaming poser you care to put to them in record time.

Since we appreciate their input so much, it was most heinous of us to drop a clanger on one of them last month- a certain Adam Leach, aka The Ghost of Inept Pig. We had promised some time ago to let a forum member write a review for the Lifestyle section - as long, of course, as their test review was well received by the editorial team. Adam sent in his review, and very good it was too, yet for some unknown reason we proceeded to ignore him for about four months.
We then gave Adam all but a few days to produce a brilliant games review for this issue of PC Advisor. Were this not enough to panic The Ghost, we gave him Microsoft's Age of Mythology - not so much a nice easy piece of brain candy to get to grips with in a few hours as a sprawling real-time strategy epic. The icing on the cake was that we only had buggy review code to offer him... With no instructions. Did Adam come through under a severe amount of pressure? See page 170

(I love OCR)

Congrads. to IP but :-( to "The PC Advisor Gamesroom has gone down a storm with our online forum members and it's the place to go if you have any gaming questions"...


  powerless 13:04 13 Jan 2003

"...see page 170 for the answer.

Finally, if you would like to chat with other gamers then visit www."

  two00lbwaster 12:35 14 Jan 2003

ahh. i see now.

well anyone looking for a cheap radeon 9500 with 128mb ram?? using the wizard drivers or serveral other tweaks then it will give you the performance of a radeon 9700 :)

goto click here

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