Help with Gameing comp please.

  POP 15:21 24 Dec 2009

Hi all, I badly need help with my new Gaming Computer. I play Online Games and have built a new comp. As follows
GA-EX58-UD3R Motherboard
I7 920 do stepping CPU overclocked to 3.4GHZ
6GB G.Skill 1600 ram
ATI HD Radeon 4670 Video Card.

I was using a computer as follows,
GA-MA 770 DS3 Motherboard
3,3GHZ AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual Cores CPU
3GB PC2 8500 CL5 Memory
ATI HD Radeon 4670 Video Card.
Nothing in the game seems to have speeded up and it seems that my upgrade has been for nothing.
The overclock was attained by using the Gigabyte Easy Tune 6 interface that came with the board. Any help would be appreciated. Pop

  POP 15:26 24 Dec 2009

hi again, the i7 is running Windows 7 64bit. the AMD Windows XP 32 bit

  retep888 15:27 24 Dec 2009

You have overlooked an important component after spending extra money on renewing everything but the graphic card.

Your weakest link is the Ati 4670,you'll need a 4890 or the newer 5000 series.

  POP 15:47 24 Dec 2009

Hi retep888, I know that the card is needed to up the refresh rate of the actual graphics but does it actually help with the response when pressing the mouse or keyboard. The sight that I like to play on is in USA and my ping is 200 so I can not alter this. To see the other players moving up mountains at speeds that I certainly can't match is most frustrating. Pop

  User-312386 15:57 24 Dec 2009

I am confused, you know your ping is 200 and you know you cant alter that, then why do you think having a faster machine will alter this? What game are you talking about? I used to play americas army all the time and usually went on european servers so my ping was lower!

  POP 16:03 24 Dec 2009

Hi Madboy33, this is why I am asking questions on this site. I have always had very good feedback from you members on all things tech.I know that the ping is bad but other European players move a lot faster than me while playing. The site that I play on is hosted by RSS and the people are great on this site and have made me feel very welcome in the year that I have been playing. Cheating is non existent, players that only like to disrupt are quickly removed. It is a good crowd. Pop

  User-312386 17:11 24 Dec 2009

Your ping is governed by your upload speed, can you tell what it is supposed to be and what it actually is? You may need to do a little tweeking to enhance it

  POP 20:09 24 Dec 2009

Hi madboy, should the speed of the ping affect the speed of the movement at the other end once you have instigated it. If this is so then I can not expect to match anyone on the site who may be closer and may have to lump it. As I said it is such a good bunch to play with, but spending all of my time in the respawn is getting me down. How will a faster Vid Card help? Pop

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