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  pixies 12:53 16 Feb 2003

Help please, I'm new to computing and don't understand to much. I bought Medal of Honor and it runs fine on my PC. I finished it and bought the expansion pack "spearhead" but it dosn't run probely as there is lots of "slow down" making the game immpossible to play.
My computer was a gift from my girlfreind for christmas so i don't know what spec it is....However I'm running windows XP...Can anyone help please? Thanks.

  armageddon_outta_here 13:02 16 Feb 2003

Try the following:

1. Find out your computer spec, especially CPU (Pentium II, III, IV or AMD) and speed (100htz, 333htz, 500htz etc), amount of RAM memory (32,64,128,256,512? and graphics card. You can find this info when you start the system and also on my computer. What make of computer is it?

2) Compare you system spec with the game requirements (which are on the case). You may need more RAM or something.

3) When computer is rebooted, press alt, control and delete together and tasklist and see what is running in the background. Close all but systray and explorer.

4) When in game, go into setting and change graphic details -e.g. do not show shadows etc. The more detail the slower the game.

  pixies 13:14 16 Feb 2003

Thanks, I think my computer is the following: AMD Athlon (tm) xp 2000+, 1.67 GHz, 480 mb of Ram. Does this mean anything to to you? The make is Tsunami. I've gone to the settings anmd changed the details to the lowest in every box but its still rubbish.
With regards to re-booting....I havn't got Systray and explorer showing could this be the problem?

  pixies 18:46 16 Feb 2003

Armegeddon....thanks, plaid around with it a bit you said and its working fine now, games bloody hard though!

  armageddon_outta_here 18:56 16 Feb 2003

I'm glad it is runing better, but with those specs I'd thought you'd be able to enjoy some high detail. Check that you have the latest driver for the game and graphics card. Look at the website for the game and check out any forums on that site. Or use and type in name of game and drivers.

PS type in medal of honour on this site and see what you get.

Good luck

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