Help for freezing Games

  GazMaz 14:34 16 Jul 2005

OK I have a (Newly) bought A7V600-X
Has anyone seen any issues with games freezing with this board, I have tried loads of things.
My bios is updated, I have new memory (2gb 3200), tested and OK, I have a new hard drive again tested OK, I'm on W2K, I have a new Vid card ATI 9600XT.
Previously I had an old MX440 64mb which I moved to this new MOBO I was getting the same issues, I wondered with the new vid card that this would help but no things seem to be pointing to eitehr the MOBO being crap or I have not set the bios correctly I've seen notes on matching the mem speed with the mobo speed but I'm struggling to see where to do this.
I have several utils to get sys info but didn't want to just post them straight away.

My previous board was a A7V333... No issues, apart from it finaly failing on me.

  ACOLYTE 15:58 16 Jul 2005

Firts posting the game titles may help as it may be the games that are a t fault not the Mobo
if the pc is working fine overall and just games that freeze then i would look there first.

  GazMaz 16:05 16 Jul 2005

Well I'm not sure that is going to help, these games were working perfectly OK on the previous board. I have got feedup of installing and finding the children shouting DAD the games frozen!
But anyway,
LEGO Racers 1 & 2.
FarCry, yes I know this game is power hungry, but all setting low and it runs.

Different game ages and software houses.

  GazMaz 16:08 16 Jul 2005

Just a "stupid" thought, the fact that I had to resit the CPU couldn't have caused an issue could it?!
I have tried loads of things and it's getting frustrating, I've put a question into ASUS but I can guess the reply before I see it.

  ACOLYTE 16:19 16 Jul 2005

Its more likley to be a conflict of some sort i would think,i dont know about the cpu not being seated properly would just affect games i would have thought that would affect the entire pc,it may be a heat/power issue with the graffix card as it only happens when it is under stress.I have you tried updating the mobo/g card drivers.
W2K is not really the best OS to run games on but having said that they should run.

  GazMaz 17:56 16 Jul 2005

I agree with the CPU thing but as you can tell I'm startign to get desperate.
It's not heat on the card the same thing happened using the older MX440 card and in both situations I'ved opened the side and aimed a large house fan to assit with cooling.
This is where you just hate PC's isn't it.

  GazMaz 18:07 16 Jul 2005

Just been rooting around went into event viewer and the following seems to be occuring can't find much about it though?

Source: ATI2MAG
CPLIB :: Open Session - Failed to load the library

  ACOLYTE 18:51 16 Jul 2005

Well all i could find is it is somthing to do with the ATI mini port driver and it can be stopped and started in the services control panel,so may looking there to see if its enabled is a place to start.

  GazMaz 18:54 16 Jul 2005

The only ATI items in he Services control panel are
Ati HotKey Poller
ATI Smart
not sure if they are related to this or not.

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