Help -following back up PC won't start?

  Roy* 09:16 29 Feb 2008

Seagate 500GB External Hard Drive

Installed external hard drive (Seagate 500GB) last night and used the acronis software to back up the existing HD. This all seem to work OK, I checked the directory and the back up file was there. So I left the hard drive connected and shut down, I noticed that while the everything shut down the mouse was still illuminated and still was this morning?

So just got a call from home saying when they tried to start up the computer you just get a black screen with a single line flashing prompt. The text during start up included a :No Device at the bottom? I fear in my efforts to protect all the data on the PC I’ve messed things up big style. Do I need to disconnect the external before start up? Any tips on what I can do to recover the situation?

Yours another Muppet

  rawprawn 09:51 29 Feb 2008

Disconnect the external drive and try starting again. I that doesn't work try starting in Safe Mode (Keep tapping F8 when you are booting) and try system restore.

  gobuddygo 09:56 29 Feb 2008

Did you create a bootable image?
could it be looking fot that?
Try powering off the pc,then remove the external drive as safely remove is not an option.
have you checked the cd/dvd drive to see if there is disc in,stopping going into boot sequence?

You could try putting the acronis boot disc in and restore the back up image as a possible solution,but wait for more suggestions from the more knoweledeable chaps before trying that.
sory more questions than answers but will bump you up a bit.

  Roy* 09:58 29 Feb 2008

So do you think I need to disconnect the Ext. HD when I shut down (after stopping it) so that it doesn't cause the same problem at start up?

Can I disconnect the Ext HD by pulling the small USB out of the unit, or should I take the USB out of the PC?

  Roy* 10:03 29 Feb 2008

No don't think i did a bootable image

I think what's happening is that on start up it may be going straight to the F drive (Ext. HD)and so not finding anything bootable? when I get home I'll try disconnecting it and hope that works. I don't have a acronis boot disk......

  Technotiger 10:13 29 Feb 2008

Acronis does give you the option to create a bootable disc - though if you have an original Acronis CD then that is a bootable disc.

  cocteau48 11:01 29 Feb 2008

For future reference,(assuming you get back into windows but I am sure rawprawns suggestion should work) disconnect your ext HD by left clicking on the add/remove hardware icon in the tray notification area - select your drive from the pop-up selection - give it a few seconds for a balloon to appear advising that it is now safe to turn off the device - and switch it off (should be a switch in the back).
That should be enough and you should not need to physically disconnect it.

  Roy* 11:14 29 Feb 2008

Yeah that's what I'll do but I don't think there's a on off switch on the seagate ext HD, it plugs into mains and I didn't turn it on anywhere on the unit to start it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:50 29 Feb 2008

Disable "Boot from other devices" in the BIOS

And you can then probably leave the drive plugged in a switched on without a problem.

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