Help finish an argument about memory....

  ikle_pixie 17:02 16 Mar 2003

Can it just die?

Is it possible that there was a fault in it already but was able to work ok till it finally packed in?

  graham 17:10 16 Mar 2003

the answer but I've forgotten!

Oh yes, semi-conductors can gradually fail over time, especially if they've been zapped by static, until the last atom finally falls over and the device stops working. 17:12 16 Mar 2003

Touching it without grounding yourself could cause static to blow it away. What actually happened?

  ikle_pixie 17:23 16 Mar 2003

I built a pc ages ago at work. It's worked fine for months until the other day the pc stopped working couldnt even get into windows. So after exhusting all options i formatted it. But windows wouldnt install properly, and now from my previous post ive learnt that memory can be a factor. I bought the hdd home and windows installed fine using a machine which i know works.

My collegue tells me another machine is now having similiar problems...but i havent looked at that one yet.

On top of all this our supplier has recently been sending us faulty stick after faulty stick. Yes i know we need a new supplier (i dont actually work there anymore, i finished a couple of weeks kinda on contract so its not really up to me anymore :0)). thinking is our supplier sending us dodgy memory which is only just starting to fail on us?

Someone i spoke to says its not possible...

any suggestions?

  DieSse 17:23 16 Mar 2003

Yes - it can just die. Everthing that fails was working just before it failed.

  DieSse 17:24 16 Mar 2003

Did you read the link I supplied the other day about RAM grades - if not, you should - it's very instructive.

  DieSse 17:26 16 Mar 2003

And - it can also fail slowly up unitl the time it just won't go any more - but it'll still probably look as if it just failed suddenly.

  ikle_pixie 17:26 16 Mar 2003

ok will do DieSse now...thanks...

  ikle_pixie 17:33 16 Mar 2003

No way.....! Blimey you were right DieSse this is interesting!

  Djohn 17:34 16 Mar 2003

Is absolutely correct. Everything works, until all of a sudden it stops!

Memory can deteriorate slowly or stop working suddenly, either way, it works, (To some extent) then stops!

Some brands of memory are tested to very high standards and those that pass are sold on under a brand name, (Crucial) for instance, those that do not meet the high standards, but still work are sold on as generic memory at a cheaper price.

Hope I've not confused you more than I have confused myself. :o(

  ikle_pixie 17:38 16 Mar 2003

No ive just read quite amazed....ive learnt something new. So maybe our supplier isnt so bad..we're just unlucky :)

Thanks you two..

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