Help for finding driver file updates

  SRJ 17:02 11 Jun 2004

I seem to remember sometime ago with PC Advisor there was some free software called "Driver Detective". Can anyone tell me what issue it was in please.

I believe I need to update the drivers for the graphics card but without opening the PC I don't know which is installed.

I'm no expert but is there software which identifies the drivers etc ( I thought Driver Detective did this).

The PC is an old School machine running Windows98 / 300 processor.

Thanks, any help you can give me would be appreciated.

  Old Shep 17:29 11 Jun 2004

Try it for free click here

  Cuddles 18:27 11 Jun 2004

How can it be free? once it has scanned your system you then have to pay to register for the results.

  Old Shep 21:10 11 Jun 2004

You obviously know more than it says on the web site, So where does SRJ get the free version from that he/she is asking for???

  THE TERMINATOR 23:23 11 Jun 2004

open device manager and find out what make your graphics card is, then search the web for any updated drivers for it. TT

  Cuddles 11:41 23 Jun 2004

As i said previously, you can download and run the prog for free, but if you want to see your results you then have to register and pay for the service.

  keith-236785 12:14 23 Jun 2004

belarc advisor click here should tell you the parts installed in your system (though do not take for gospel what it reports for your motherboard version, it got mine wrong & when i flashed my bios if i had taken note of belarc then i would now have a dead mobo)

that aside, it was the only mistake it made, and for a graphic card it wouldnt matter if it was the wrong version as most drivers are one fits all (nvidia anyway).

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