help find journals

  suburban train 01:00 12 Mar 2003

ive spent about 1hour trying to find online journals on "apptitue training interaction" anyone know where i can get hold of this journals or any other journals on the web without having to pay as im a poor student, ive tryed all the usual search engines



  ahales42 01:06 12 Mar 2003

aptitude..a natural ability. training..ok. interaction?? how?

  ahales42 01:09 12 Mar 2003

if you have a natural aptitude,then you can train with others with the same ability.therefore you are interacting. try reducing your search.

  ahales42 01:10 12 Mar 2003

go to google and try aptitude training.

  suburban train 01:21 12 Mar 2003

The learning theory is "apptitue training interaction" and was devised by L, Cronbach and R, Snow.

The assignment which i have to do is research this theory using one book,one website and two journals, i already have the book and researched the web all i need is a journal online or hardcopy with an issn number

  ahales42 01:30 12 Mar 2003

sorry. try l.cronbach or r.snow on google cos i got it. not l,cronbach. the wife has gone to bed so i`m in a better mood now.

  ahales42 01:39 12 Mar 2003

l.cronbach on google gives you the very info you are looking for.

  ahales42 01:50 12 Mar 2003

apologise for being such a smart arse before. but search google for L.CRONBACH the first entry gives everything you need.

  suburban train 01:59 12 Mar 2003

its journals which i need

  suburban train 16:13 12 Mar 2003


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