HELP fash storage

  Jade 14 G 15:33 23 Feb 2007

Am trying to copy sme files onto a fash pen storage, used it before with no trouble but need to put more on and nothing is happening. Went to my computer and to D file but nothing is happining.
Could not remember exactly what l did last time so please can someone just tell me again.
If l have done it right, could the no copying be anything to do with the other problem l have sent a seperate email about, that my sound has gone

  Jackcoms 15:38 23 Feb 2007

If your OS is XP you simply plug the pen drive into a USB port and it will be recognised by Windows as an additional drive.

You can then copy/paste or drag and drop files.

  Jade 14 G 15:42 23 Feb 2007

That what l did like last time and all that comes up is the media screen about copying to a file or picasso, just the same as l get when l put pictures on from my camera.

  Jackcoms 15:45 23 Feb 2007

You'll have to hang on for another Forum member.

I don't use Picasso (wasn't he an artist?), so can't help. ;-(

  Jade 14 G 15:55 23 Feb 2007

Its a grea free ptrogram from google, just tried again andit thinks l am playing a cd, wish l could but sounds gone

  VoG II 15:56 23 Feb 2007

Open My Computer, right click the flash drive, Properties, Autoplay tab. On the dropdown arrow select Mixed Content. Tick Select an action to perform. Click on 'open folder to view files in windows explorer'. Do the same with Pictures. OK your way out. Unplug the drive then plug it in again. After a short delay windows explorer should appear showing the contents.

  Jade 14 G 16:29 23 Feb 2007

Did as you said, got to properties, auoplay and drop down menu with mixed content, but then the list that came up was what l get when copying pictures from my camera,
copy files to picasso
copy using windows and another one but just the same as l get wih the camera.
I have a new flash drive so did the same and it was just like above except after the options like above it went to a blank screen except directions to do things that you normally get on the left side but nothing to do what l want. Last time did it in a few minutes .

  VoG II 16:34 23 Feb 2007

With the flash drive plugged in, if you right click on a file that you want to copy to the drive do you get a Send To> <name of your drive> option?

  Pamy 16:35 23 Feb 2007

Try this, open Widows Explorer, then My Computer. find the drive that has your music that you want to transfereand open it. now drag and drop each music track to the flash drive

  Jade 14 G 16:49 23 Feb 2007

No l get nothing '

  Jade 14 G 17:14 23 Feb 2007

It worked just a long way round, l tried again and 'send to' came up and have done one file at a time and am half way through, just a break as neck is falling off
Thanks again

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