help fan is so loud!!!!

  steve_rfc 21:27 20 Jan 2008

hi im woundering if any one could help me plz

the fan on my pc seems to be so loud and always on

im using a hi-grade pc
celeron(r) 2.80ghz

  lisa02 21:29 20 Jan 2008

Could open the case and clean the fan.

  STREETWORK 21:30 20 Jan 2008

Try a little light machine oil (carefully) on the fan spindle. As well as cleaning the fan do a good clean on the vents, etc...

  steve_rfc 21:31 20 Jan 2008

cheers guy will try that thanx for the help cheers

  wee eddie 22:16 20 Jan 2008

Take it out of the cupboard, or off the radiator! Those have been 2 solutions that have solved the "Excess fan Noise". Using a Laptop in bed has the highest Over-Heat rating.

No seriously, as well as cleaning the Vents and Fan, as suggested above. Make sure that it has is easy access to a supply of cool air

  DieSse 00:40 21 Jan 2008

Get a better processor heatsink with a quieter fan.

I've got a P4 2.4GHz processor. I changed the heatsink for a (not cheap) Thermalright model, with heat pipes. It can keep the processor with spec in the summer in Spain without a fan at all. Of course I do use a fan - a 90cm very slow and virtually silent one.

Also - check out carefully which fan it is - CPU, case or power supply. You can get all items with extra quiet fans - you simply pay a bit more for better quality.

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